Best Air Purifiers in India 2022

Best Air Purifiers in India 2022

According to WEF (World Economic Forum), 7 of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India. And there millions of people who are dying due to indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can be 5 times dangerous than outdoor air pollution. Hence it is must to buy the best air purifiers in India in such polluted cities.

Now, the question is how dangerous is indoor air?

This is because of lack of ventilation, gas fumes from stoves, paint fumes, electronic devices that we bring to home etc.

And most of the deadliest diseases like H1N1, Chicken Pox, and Small Pox etc. are spread through the air. Hence to avoid those diseases it is must to have at least one air purifier in the home.

In Jan 2020 a new virus named Novel Corona Virus (nCov) is discovered in Chinese city Wuhan. It spreads in humans mainly through the air. This virus can cause respiratory problems such as breathing problem, chest pain. Hence it is better to protect you and your family from such deadly viruses by buying the best air purifiers in India. Because “Precaution is always better than Cure”

Below we have listed the best air purifiers in India depending upon their various features such as their cost, performance, capacity, electricity consumption, user reviews, technical specification etc.

There are many air purifiers are available in the Indian market but Dyson and Philips produce the best air purifiers in India. They are dominating the market in this sector.

If you get jumbled in choosing the right air purifier for your home don’t worry you can read our Buyers guide for best air purifiers in India for Hassle free purchase.

1. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier (Coway AP-1009)

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Coway is a Korean company which manufactures the Best Air Purifiers. This air purifier uses HEPA technology to purify the air.

These air purifiers are mostly suitable for Bed Rooms, Small Offices.

Super silent operations.

Its patented urethane carbon filter is used to deodorize the air and multi-layered anti-flu green HEPA filter is capable to seize the particles of PM2.5.

HEPA Filter and carbon filter both have a life of 8500 hrs. , Pre-Filter comes with Lifelong working capacity.

One-touch AirSpeed adjustment with four-speed steps 1, 2, 3 and last one is Turbo.

This Purifier has real-time indicators to indicate the quality of air like clean, low pollution, medium pollution and high pollution.

Filter replacement indicator notifies you when its life is over.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 335 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 303 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter.

Supply Voltage: 230 V.

Power Consumption: 38 watts.

Noise level: 22-49 dB.

Warranty details: This air purifier comes with 5 years warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on electrical parts.

  • Has slim design.
  • Lightweight air purifier.
  • Excellent warranty and after-sale service.

  • User-friendly.

  • Not for large areas.

2. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

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Philips is the brand known for making the best air purifiers in India.

Its Vitashield Intelligent Purification automatically senses air quality and is able to trap the impurities in the air having a size greater than equal to 0.02 micron and for 0.3+ microns it traps almost 99.97% impure particles that is 800 times smaller than PM 2.5.

This purifier has the capacity to purify the standard room in just 12 minutes.

This air purifier comes with 4 colour air quality indicator to indicate real-time air quality.

It has a 4 stage filtration process.

99.90% of bacteria and viruses are removed by this air purifier efficiently.

It is able to remove airborne H1N1 virus effectively.

Removes 99.99% pollen and house dust efficiently.

Philips AC1215/20 is 100% ozone free and gives natural filtration.

Child lock protects it from unwanted changes in the filter.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 226-233 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 270 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and Double layered H13 Grade HEPA Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 50 W

Noise Level: 33 dB

Warranty details: it comes with 2 years warranty and an additional 3 years warranty on product registration.

  • Small areas can be purify efficiently.
  • 4 stage filtration.
  • Elegant design.

  • Great warranty and after sales service.

  • Expensive.
  • It is not suitable not even medium-sized rooms.

3. Mi Air Purifier 2C with True HEPA Filter

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Mi 2C air purifier can pure about 99.97% of the air in the room because of its HEPA filtration technology with PM2.5 reduction and it is capable to trap particles of size up to 0.3 microns.

This air purifier can capture particles including dust, mold pores, bacteria and viruses and other harmful particles.

It has 360-degree air intake ability.

It comes with real-time air quality indicator to indicate the quality of air in the room.

You have to change the filter by yourself.

Mi 2C air purifier also has the ability to clean the room in 10 minutes of 452 sq. ft.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 452 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 350 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: Pre-Filter and True HEPA Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 29 W

Auto mode

Warranty details: it comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Covers large area.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Best CADR.

  • Great after-sales service.

  • Auto mode

  • Less filters used.
  • A little bit noisy when in manual mode.

4. Philips AC2887/20 High-Efficiency Air purifier

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Philips is one of the reputed brands in the world. It manufactures home appliances.

This air purifier is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms of size 441 sq. ft.

It performs silent operations hence you won’t get disturbed.

This air purifier is equipped 3 modes, general, allergen, bacteria and viruses,   to choose according to air quality in your room.

Its healthy air protect feature notifies you to change the filter when it’s time to change the filter and if a filter is not changed then the air purifier stops working to avoid ineffective purification.

The smart light feature can be dimmed or turn off the light to avoid light disturbance at the night.

Vitashield IPS technology has the ability to effectively remove the particles as small as 20nm.

atures & Specification

Coverage area: 441 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 333 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: Vitashield IPS, Nano protect Filter and HEPA Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 11-60 W

Noise Level: 20.5-51 dB

Air Quality Sensor and Area sense PM2.5 sensor.

Smart light control.

Warranty details: it comes with 2 years warranty on the product.

  • Aerodynamic Design.
  • Low noise operations.
  • Dimmed light operations when required.

  • Large coverage area.

  • Good after-sales service and service network.

  • Too many modes makes it complicated for new users to understand.
  • Not useful for odour removal.

5. Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier

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This is Air touch A5 indoor air purifier by Honeywell.

This air purifier is suitable for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Honeywell HAC25M1201W has a three-stage advanced filtration system that removes pollutants such as pet dander, viruses and other harmful microbes with more than 99% efficiency.

Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Activated carbon filter remove larger dust particles, soil, viruses and any microscopic pollutant and allergens above 0.3 microns including PM2.5 pollens.

This air purifier is completely ozone free.

Its 3D airflow design gives the ability to cover the entire room.

The filter duration will be around 3000 hrs. Based on the ambient pollution id used for 8 hours daily.

Very low noise during operation.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 323 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 250 cubic m/hr.

3D airflow design.

Child lock.

Filters used: Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and HEPA Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 53 W

Warranty details: It comes with a 1-year warranty and an additional 2 years warranty on product registration within 15 days from purchase.

  • Energy efficient.
  • Low noise.
  • Dimmed light operations when required.

  • Excellent efficiency.

  • Less filtration layered used.
  • does not able to remove odours.

6. Daikin MC30 Room Air Purifier

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Daikin MC30 is the room air purifier with the coverage area of 231 sq. ft. which makes it suitable for bedrooms or living rooms.

HEPA method is used in this air purifier.

Three-stage filtration is used in it.

It comes with different modes such as Auto Mode, Pollen Mode and Turbo Mode to purify the air efficiently.

It has one more advanced Eco Mode which switches off the purifier when there is no pollution.

This air purifier can efficiently remove 99.97% allergens and microbes of size up to 2.5 microns.

There is 3 colour indicator to track live pollution.

Its PM2.5 Sensor lamp measures the PM2.5 level in the room and indicates it.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 231 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 270 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and HEPA Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Warranty details: it comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • User friendly.
  • Different indicators are available.
  • Different modes are available.

  • Some users have complained about the after-sales service.

7. Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier & Fan, BP01

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Dyson is the best manufacturer of best air purifiers in India. This air purifier gives you purified air better than traditional air purifiers.

You can control the airflow at your fingertips.

This air purifier has the ability to capture up to 99.95% of allergens and bacteria as small as PM0.1.

The HEPA filter and Carbon Filters are used in this filter.

Its diameter is about 19.5 cm which makes it more flexible to place it anywhere in the room.

It is mainly designed for personal use although it is suitable for small-sized rooms.

The main feature which makes it one of the best air purifiers in India is that it is Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by AAFA.

It has 10-speed settings.

Its filter change notification system will notify you when it needs to be changed.

It has an LCD screen to show airflow speed, modes and filter life.

Using its remote you can control it easily.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 250 sq. ft.

Filters used: 360 Degree Glass HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: Minimum

Noise Level: Minimum

Smooth oscillation.

Warranty details: it comes with 2 years warranty.

  • Various speed settings.
  • Easy filter maintenance.
  • Smooth oscillation.

  • Focused personal cooling.

  • Not suitable for room air purification.
  • Overpriced.

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This is another excellent air purifier by Dyson.

This air purifier comes with intelligent purification which is able to remove up to 99.95% of pollutants and allergens of size as small as PM0.1.

It removes dust, pet dander, VOC, and other harmful gases and odours.

Air multiplier technology and oscillation feature allow it to project and circulate purified air in the whole room.

It comes with dual functionality with a fan feature.

Its glass HEPA filter is coated over 200 times and packed with borosilicate microfibers.

This purifiers app feature makes it smart air purifier which provides real-time air quality report and you can control the air purifier from your smartphone.

This air purifier is certified Asthma and Allergy friendly by AAFA.

Its small size and 360-degree air intake make it suitable to placed anywhere in the room easily.

Its advanced sensors can detect the particles of PM2.5, PM10, NO2, VOC, Temp., and Humidity.

Features & Specification

Coverage area: 226-233 sq. ft.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 270 cubic m/hr.

Filters used: HEPA Filter and Trios coated Activated Carbon Filter.

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 40 W

Noise Level: 42.3-64.4 dB

Modes: Auto mode, Night Mode, Sleep Timer and 10 airspeed settings.

LCD display.

Remote control.

Warranty details: it comes with 2 years warranty and an additional 3 years warranty on product registration.

  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • Able to give best in class air.
  • Good for asthma patients.

  • Various modes are available.

  • Overpriced

9. Tefal Intense Pure Air Bedroom Air Purifier

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Tefal French Company which manufactures kitchen appliances.

The company claim that this is the only purifier that can permanently destroy cariogenic formaldehyde and filters up to 99.97% of the pollutants.

This air purifier is suitable for medium-sized rooms such as a living room or bedroom.

It has a seal of approval by the British Allergy Foundation.

This air purifier comes with Homogenous Filtration, Pollution Particle Neutralization, and Optimal Filtration etc.

It traps odours and sieves, smoke, small particles of PM2.5 easily.

It has 4-speed settings.

It has a start/delay feature to turn on to optimize energy consumption.

Features & Specifications

Coverage area: 377 sq. ft.

Filters used: Pre-Filter, Active carbon filter, HEPA Filter and Patented NanoCaptureTM Filter.

Noise Level: 22-45 dB

Supply voltage: 220 V

Power Consumption: 35 W

Warranty details: It comes with 1-year warranty

  • Designed in France.
  • Assured performance.
  • Less and easy maintenance.

  • Maximum Filtration.

  • Some customers have complained about after-sales service.

Types of Air Purifiers – Best Air Purifiers in India

There are different pollutants in the air and to remove each of these pollutants there are different types of air purifiers in the market.

Below are the types of best air purifiers which are listed according to pollutant they remove.


HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. To seize the radioactive dust particles the Atomic energy commission developed the US HEPA Standard.

It is a cloth-like filter which captures the dust and pollen particles. They give about 99.97% filtration result by removing tiny particles even if they are of 0.3 microns. Hence only the particles with a size less than 0.3 microns can bypass this air purifier otherwise all the dust particles, pollen, mold pores etc. are removed from the air by this air purifier.

The size, material used in HEPA filter may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as it plays a key role in the performance of air purifier. Larger the size of purifier more amount of air it will filter.

Pollutants Removed by HEPA – ragweed, dander, mold, dust, pollens, antigen and smoke.

  • Top certified filter.
  • Anti-allergy air purifier.
  • Catch particles of having a very small size.

  • Best for respiratory issues.

  • Expensive filter.
  • Regular maintenance is a must.
  • Not able to remove bad smell from the air.

2. UV Light or Ultra Violet Light Filter

This air purifier contains a UV lamp inside it. This UV lamp emits UV light which seizes the pollutant as they pass through the UV light.

The bulb used in it is of 20 watts and it emits UV light which kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. For making ozone free process it is certified by the California Air Resource Board.

This type of air purifiers is mainly used in hospitals to make the air virus-free, where the number of viruses is present in the air. They are also used in laboratories, kitchens. If your immune system is weak then you must buy this air purifier with UV lamp as it kills harmful viruses and bacteria’s.

The UV light is not released into the room it is kept inside the air purifier. This types of air purifier use UV-C band of ultraviolet spectrum which is totally safe for us.

Pollutants removed by UV Air Purifier – germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew

  • Rarely requires maintenance.
  • Kills harmful bacteria’s, viruses etc.
  • Depollutes air.

  • Makes Immune System strong.

  • Mostly comes as an attachment.
  • Can’t buy as a separate air purifier.
  • Change bulb each year.

3. Carbon Filter

This is another type of air purifier called Activated Carbon Filter. Usually, these air purifiers are accompanied by other air purifiers, it is very rare that these purifiers are used alone to purify the air. These carbon filters are good at eliminating irritating odours.

This air purifier contains millions of tiny pores which are very absorbent. Because of a large number of pores the surface area is large as it traps all the fumes, odours and gases. By treating the carbon with oxygen millions of pores will be opened on it which makes the surface area of carbon very large.

When the carbon filter is large in size then the number of chemicals absorb by it is larger and it will able to work for a longer period of time. It will be no longer be able to use when it is full then you have to replace it.

This carbon filter can’t use to trap particles of allergies, asthma or any irritation but it will remove bad smell effectively. Your room will smell fresh and clean after using this type of air purifiers.

Pollutants Removed by Carbon Filter – gas, chemicals, odours, fumes, smells originating from pets. In short it will remove bad odours from the room

  • It is cheaper.
  • Helps to keep the room fresh.
  • Absorbs gas, odours.

  • Helpful for industries.

  • Not able to remove harmful bacteria’s, viruses etc.
  • Must be replaced.
  • Does not clean.

4. Ozone Filter

Ozone is basically oxygen with one extra molecule in it. They produce ozone gas intentionally while purifying the air. This is totally different from other purification systems and it may be not good for health.

Ozone gas may increase your lungs problem if you consume it in high levels.

But still, there are different brands who manufacture ozone air purifier having a different capacity of ozone production and must note that there are several chemicals are used by us in our daily life which reacts easily with the ozone

So our advice is to stay away from ozone air purifiers.

After all of this negative point’s ozone air purifier has still some pros.

  • It is cheaper.
  • Kills mould.
  • Kills odour.

  • It’s too much consumption can harm lungs and affects the respiratory system.
  • Doesn’t capture pollen, dust.
  • Doesn’t clean.

5. Ionic / ion Filter

In this filtration system, charged clouds with ions get attached to the impurities present in the air.

The electrostatic collection plate is equipped with some ionic air purifiers, to trapped impurities to remove from the air. It forces impurities to get attached to the surface.

This air purifiers can trap the particles of size 0.01 microns.

As this air purifier trapped impurities from the air and collects, it will make a dirty spot on the floor or wall or where you placed them.

Pollutants removed by Ionic Air Purifier – Removes gas, odours and fumes, viruses, bacteria’s and different types of smokes.

  • It is cheaper.
  • No noise during purification.
  • Captures gas, odours and fumes.

  • Must be cleaned regularly.
  • Replacement is a must.
  • Pollutants stay in it until you remove/change electrostatic plate.

Size of Air Purifier

Choosing the right size air purifier for your home and your family will result in saving in money and energy. Most of the times customers neglect this factor. You must need to know which size air purifier is perfect for your home.

You must check the square footage rating of the air purifier and compare it with your room size. If it is greater or equal to your room size then this air purifier will be the best air purifier.

To calculate the size of the room in sq. ft. here is the formula,

Length (in feet) * Width (in feet)

E.g. if the length of the room is 10 ft. and the width of the room is 20 ft. then the total area of the room in sq. ft. is 10 ft. * 20 ft. = 200 sq. ft.

To calculate the area of multiple connected rooms such as hall, bed, kitchen you can calculate sq. ft. of each room and then take an average sq. ft. of all the rooms.

After knowing all this you will get an idea about which type of air purifier is suitable for your home.

ACH and CADR Ratings

Before purchasing a Best Air Purifiers in India you just need to check the ACH and CDAR ratings of the purifier. This is very common and specific ratings.

1. ACH

ACH ratings stand for Air Changes per Hour. This rating tells about the efficiency of the air purifier to the customers.

This rating calculates the amount of air exchanged in an hour.

The rating has denominations like 4X, 5X or 6X.

For example, 6X means the polluted air in that particular area gets seized and then recycled within a 6-hour interval. Higher no. represents greater efficiency.


CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. Name itself suggest that it shows how well the purifier cleans the air from pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen, dust etc. so the buyer can easily get an idea about the effectiveness and quality of purification of air purifier.

However for the large purifiers, CADR is not applicable, there is a different method to measure their quality of purification.

Mainly there are 3 different CADR ratings against three different common indoor air pollutants namely, tobacco smoke, pollen and dust. All these test ratings are carried out by AHAM’s Association of home appliances.

Below table gives an idea about the CADR ratings inside pollutants,

Impurities CADR Ratings in MIcrons
Tobacco Smoke

You might get questioned about the accuracy of CADR, keep in mind that reputed organizations in the air purification industry have accepted CADR.


Impurities are of different size and even of a different shape. PM2.5 refers to the impurities of diameter less than 2.5 micrometres. These sized particles are invisible to naked eyes but they are present in the atmosphere. If we regularly consume these impurities then it may cause breathing problems to us or any other lungs disease.


Just like PM2.5 particles having the diameter less than or equal to 2.5 micrometres. PM10 particles have the diameter less than or equal to 10 micrometres. These particles are larger in size than PM2.5 particles. They are also harmful to us like PM2.5.

Types of Air Purifier Depending on their Use

We have created our own list of Air Purifiers depending on their usage.

1. Portable Air Purifiers

This air purifier is mainly used at home. This is best suited for in house usage. They are cheap in price but has amazing efficiency. There is no need for any heating or cooling system. As they are portable in nature you can easily use them anywhere.

2. Whole House Air Purifiers

This is another option of air purifier. This type of air purifiers required heating or cooling system attached to them. They have the capacity to clear big rooms and remove all dust and harmful particles.

3. Commercial Air Purifiers

These air purifiers have the capacity to purify a large amount of air compared to other air purifiers. So if you want this air purifier then you must have big rooms to clean otherwise it will be a waste of money and energy.

This type of air purifiers comes with the PCO and HEPA filter for protection against any type of harmful bacteria, chemicals and viruses.

Features of Air Purifier

While purchasing the air purifier every customer should check the features of that air purifier. You may get lots of air purifiers having different features from one another.

Having some extra features may get expensive but later on, you will able to handle these air purifiers easily. They become more user-friendly.

Here are some features you need to look before making any purchase,

Digital Controls

By using this feature user is able to handle it by controlling and manipulating its settings very efficiently.

Adjustable Fan Speed

To control the fan speed most of the air purifiers come with the fan speed setting. Fan speed ranges from minimum to maximum.

Filter Replacement Indicators

Some of the air purifiers need to change the filter when it is full of the pollutant. Hence for this purpose, those filters must give a filter replacement indicator

Pre Filter

This type of filter will trap large particles in the air very efficiently. Hence if this one filter is attached as an additional filter to your filter it will give you more clean and fresh air.


This feature will simply save electricity by turning off the fan when it completes its set timing. Nowadays almost every filter has an automatic turn off the feature.

Carrying Handle

Carrying handle makes the transportation of air purifier easy. Sometimes it is a heavy device so this is must feature for easy transportation of it.


Some heavy air purifiers must have casters, pair of wheels mounted below the purifier, to make transport easy.

Air Quality Sensors

This type of sensors monitors the air and look for specific pollutants and then adjust in order to remove those pollutants immediately.


This light will help to locate purifier in the dark night easily.

Remote Control

With the remote control, the user can able to operate the air purifier from a significant amount of distance easily.

Mobile App

This is the era of smartphones. Hence there is no wonder in controlling the air purifier through mobile app having full access to it.

Cost of Air Purifier

Well, this is the main factor while making any purchase. Every buyer should buy according to their need. It is not good to waste your hard-earned money in unnecessary purchases.

Do not compete with others because everyone has different needs.

Consider all your needs and buy according to that. If you have a small house or room then go for portable air purifiers, like that.

Cost of an air purifier varies because of different features.

Cost also depends on the manufacturer of the air purifier. Reputed manufacturers have expensive air purifiers because of their Excellency.

Cost of Maintenance

Every gadget or appliance needs maintenance for proper function and to increase its life span. Similar in the case of air purifier, if you maintain the air purifier properly then it will give you the best result.

Hence consider the maintenance cost of the filter before purchasing the air purifier. You HEPA or Carbon filter need replacement frequently. They last about a year, so you must find out the replacement cost.

If you got an ionic air purifier then you don’t need to worry about maintenance, these machines are equipped with electrostatic collection filter to collect pollutant particles from the air. This is washable and reusable.

Noise level

If a purifier comes with a fan then it also comes with an irritating noise while filtration. This fans suck the air from the room into the filters and then throws it back to the room after purifying it.

But if you reduce the fab speed the noise level decreases.

Noise level is a very important factor, if you use this air purifier in the bedroom, a high level of noise will make the air clean but won’t let you sleep well.

Hence go for a purifier that is properly sized for your room. If it is too small for your room then it will make more noise as it is working beyond its capacity.

Ionic air purifiers are the best option if you want noise operation.

Energy Consumption

Like every home appliance or gadget, air purifiers will be plugged in into wall and need electricity to perform purification. They need to run 24/7 for maximum efficiency hence you need to consider the amount of energy it will require to perform the operation.

Generally, an air purifier consumes about 50-200 watts of power.

The energy star rating is given by BEE to every electrical appliance. Higher the star more the energy-saving is an appliance. You should go for higher star rating purifier, it will ensure low power consumption.


There are many manufacturers across the world that manufactures good quality air purifiers. But sadly there are many fake companies that make a replica of the branded air purifiers. Hence every customer should check the background and reputation of the manufacturer from which they are going to purchase an air purifier.


Choosing the brand which will give you a warranty and best after-sales service is as important as choosing the best air purifiers in India. Keep in mind that buying the best air purifier is a long term investment.

Having great after-sales service is an indication of long-lasting life of an air purifier.

Best air Purifiers in India – Brand Comparison

Air purifiers are used to detox the inside air to maintain good health. We always recommend the best brands like Philips, Dyson, Honeywell, Avizo, Ooze, Atlanta, and Sharp Purifiers.

Each brand has its own features and quality. Although it is tough to select the best brand among these brands as all of them gives the best of them. But steel Honeywell and Philips are at the top of selling chart because of their amazing features.

Nowadays other brands also give tough competition to them by improving their features and build quality.

Honeywell and Philips have a strong service network in India to give great after-sale service to the customer.

Best Purifiers in India – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Air Purifier Bad for Health

No, not all air purifiers bad for health. Air Purifiers that produce Ozone gas can be harmful to people with any problem with the respiratory system.

2. Do Air Purifiers help you to sleep?

Yes, apart from cleaning air purifiers help you to sleep by removing pollutants from the air gives you a great atmosphere to sleep.
But in case of air purifiers with fan make you trouble in sleeping because of their noise.

3. Do I need a top-class air purifier?

It depends upon your requirement and where you are going to use it. If you using in the small room then buying an air purifier with a large capacity is a waste of money. Hence make a sensible purchase.
If your place is filled with more pollutants then you should go for powerful air purifier.

4. Do Air Purifier cool the room?

Technically it doesn’t. It circulates the air within the room. Although it feels somewhat cool because of an effect of the air purifier.

5. How much space does it take?

Well, this is not the measure problem. Whether you are thigh on space or not air purifiers are designed to be fit easily in every room available. You have to just calculate the area of the room in sq. ft. and buy according to that.

6. It is safe to use an air purifier?

Yes, almost all the air purifiers are safe to use you have not to worry about it. But still, there are some air purifiers that produce ozone gas in more amount which is hazardous to us to some extent.

7. How many air purifiers do I need?

Usually, you will need one or two air purifiers depending on the area of the room. But we’d suggest buying a separate air purifier for hall and another one or bed as they are most used placed inside any house.

8. Are they capable of removing Asbestos?

To remove asbestos you have to purchase a specific air purifier which must be equipped with HEPA filter.

9. How does it take to purify the air in the room?

Well, it depends on the size of the room and the quality of the air in the room. On average the modern purifier can purify the whole air in the room in 4-8 hours. For better results, you should keep the air filter on for day and night. But it will give you more electricity bill.

10. How would I know that it’s time to change the filter?

Nowadays most of the air purifiers come with a change filter indicator which alerts you when it’s time to change the filter.
But not all the filters come with such feature, then you have to check it manually.

Best Air Purifiers in India – Conclusion

After all this mess we would suggest you choose filter according to your needs. The unnecessary purchase will be a waste of your money.

Buy purifiers having more features, warranty, and great after-sales service and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Spend your money wisely as buying an air purifier is a long term investment.

If you have any query or doubt regarding air purifiers or any other appliance then let us know in the comment section. Thank You!!!

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