Balika Vadhu 2 6th January 2022 Written Update

Kiara Saying We Can’t Think Of Your Tensions. Jigar Says You Know I Act Like A Hero, But Today, I Feel So Helpless, Don’t Know Where Is My Anandi. She Says Calm Down, We Will Find Her, I Mean Anand Is Trying To Find Her. He Asks Are You Hiding Something From Me, Tell Me, If You Know Anything. She Says No. He Says You Wanted To Thank Me, Please Tell Me, This Is The Truth. Anandi Shouts For Help. Jigar Says Don’t Know Who Kidnapped Anandi, Please. Kiara Says Okay. She Tells Him. He Smiles. Anand Thinks Of Anandi While Driving. He Sees A Boy In Front. He Hits Aside. The Men Get Angry On Him. Anand Gets Hurt. The Men Beat Him. He Falls Down. A Man Calls Jigar And Says Plan Successful.

Anand Gets Up And Says Anandi. Anandi Switches On Her Phone. She Uses Anand’s App And Hits The Red Button To Ask For Help. Anand Gets Anandi’s Help Message. Maadi Baa Asks Jigar To Have Food. Jigar Says I Can’t Have Food, I Have To Find Anandi. She Says Police Will Find Her. He Thinks I Have To Reach Her Before The Police. He Says I Have To Go And Find Her. He Goes. She Shouts Out Of Window. The Man Says Anand’s Body Isn’t Here, He Disappeared. Jigar Scolds Him. He Says I Have Set Up Blast At The Door, Anand And Anandi Don’t Know That. He Races The Car. Anand Comes To The House. He Moves The Door. The Cylinder Is Placed Backside. Anand Breaks The Lock. Maadi Baa Consoles Sejal. Anand Opens The Door And Sees Anandi. The Gas Cylinder Starts Leaking. Anandi Sees Anand And Cries. The Place Blasts.

Prem Says Jigar Would Have Done This. Maadi Baa Asks What Are You Saying. He Says I Know Him Well. She Says He Is Crying For Anandi. Sejal Says She Is Right, Maybe He Didn’t Do Anything. He Says We Know What He Can Do And What Not, He Was Never Deserving Of Her, We All Know This. She Says What Will Happen Of Our Jigar. Anand And Anandi Fall In The Fire.

Anand Get Conscious. He Sees Anandi Lying There. He Thinks You Are Very Imp Like My Breath, I Promise I Will Take You Out Safely. He Asks Her To Get Up. Jigar Comes And Sees The Fire. He Shouts Anandi. He Runs Inside The Fire. He Sees Anand There. He Says I Knew It You Will Come To Save Anandi, But No One Can Come Between Us Today. He Hits On Anand’s Leg. He Says You Are Just Mine Anandi. Anandi Says Anand. Jigar Lifts Her. She Says Leave Me. She Sees Anand. Anand Gets Jigar And Anandi’s Child Marriage Pic. He Says It Means It Was Your Child Marriage. Anand Hits A Stick On Jigar’s Leg. He Asks Anandi To Run Away. Jigar Says I Will Not Leave You. Anandi Hits On Jigar’s Head. Jigar Falls Down.

Jigar Says You… She Says I M Your Wife, But I M A Woman First, This Is My Answer To You, I Will Not Tolerate Your Tortures Now. Police Comes There.

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