Balika Vadhu 2 4th February 2022 Written Update

Anandi Shouting On Anand. She Says You Didn’t Defend Me In Front Of Ishana. He Asks Her To Stop It. He Calls Ishana. Ishana Comes And Says I M Sorry Anandi. Anandi Says Its Okay. Ishana Recalls Bhairavi Asking Her To Apologize To Anandi. Jigar Sees Ishana And Reacts. Anandi Asks What Do You Want To Say. Ishana Thinks Did He See Me Burning The Boxes. She Says Anand, We Shall Go Now For The Presentation. He Goes With Her. Anandi Asks Jigar To Calm Down. They Go And Show Their Presentation To The Client. Anand Says We Make A Relation With Our Customers, The Credit Goes To Anandi, She Is Our In House Designer. The Lady Says Impressive Anandi, You Got The Deal, We Want Anandi To Lead This Project. He Says Of Course. She Says Lets Sign The Papers Then. Ishana Stops Anand From Signing. She Asks Him To Take Bhairavi’s Permission. He Says Its Fine, Mom Has Given Me This Business, Anandi Has Proved Herself In The Last Deal, I Know Her Since Childhood, She Will Never Take An Advantage Of The Situation, Don’t Worry. He Goes And Signs The Papers. Anandi Thinks I Was Much Harsh On Him, I Should Apologize. She Also Signs The Papers. They Thank The Lady And Leave. The Lady Stops Anandi And Says We Have To Display The Designs In The Evening. Anandi Says We Will Organize The Event Today Itself. She Leaves.

Ishana Sees Anandi Coming. She Says Its Good You Asked Me To Say Sorry, Why Not If My Sorry Gets A Deal For You, You Should Have Told Me Before That Clients Want Anandi In This Deal. Anandi Hears This. She Says We Have To Plan The Event Today. Anand Says Then We Have To Work Hard. She Gives Him The Files And Goes. He Asks What Happened To Her Now. Ishana Says She Will Come On Her Own. Anandi Gets Angry. She Sees Diya Sitting Alone And Crying. She Asks What Happened. Diya Says Nothing. Anandi Asks Where Is Vikrant. Vikrant Comes And Greets Them. Anandi Says I Came For A Client Meeting. He Asks Her To Take Care. He Takes Diya With Him. Diya Looks Worried. Jigar Takes A Pen And Tries To Write. Sejal Asks Him To Try.

Bhairavi Says Don’t Underestimate Anand And Anandi’s, They Will Fight First And Then Unite, Anyway, I Should Fix The Engagement, I Will Talk To Your Dad. Ishana Says My Dad Has Gone To The US, I Didn’t Propose Anand Yet, Will He Say Yes To Me. Bhairavi Says He Should, I Will Convince Him. Ishana Smiles. Anand Says I Don’t Know How Will We Display The Designs. Anandi Says I Will Manage It, You Are My Problem, I Have No Time To Argue, I Will Handle The Event.

Anand Says I Tried To Find Out, We Didn’t Get Any Models. Anandi Says Our NGO Workers Will Become The Models. Ishana Laughs On Her. Anand Says I M Sure This Idea Will Work. Bhairavi Asks Why Did You Call Us. Anand Says For Modelling, We Don’t Have Models, I Thought Why Don’t We Model It, Are You All Ready. The Girls Say Yes. Anandi Gives The Clothes To Everyone. Sejal Asks Won’t You Wear Anything. Anandi Says No, I M Leading It, I Will Make You All Ready. They All Go To Change. Jigar Sees Ishana.

Anand Introduces The Clients. The Lady Asks For Anandi. Anand Goes To Call Anandi. He Sees Ishana With A Foot Sprain. He Asks What Happened. Ishana Says I Was Practicing Ramp Walk, So Sorry, I Won’t Be Able To Walk On The Ramp. He Says Its Okay, Its Not Your Fault. She Says But I Wanted To Help. He Asks How Will We Display This Piece, Its Imp. Ishana Says I Can Stand There For Some Time And Tell About The Designs, Anandi Can Wear This Design And Go On The Ramp, I Can’t. He Says No, She Won’t Be Comfortable. Anandi Says No, I Will Wear, I Can’t Let The Show Get Spoiled. He Asks What, Are You Sure. She Says Yes. Ishana Recalls Damaging The Dress Zip. She Says You Made Me Apologize, Sorry Once Again, You Will Wear This Dress, Wardrobe Malfunction Will Happen. FB Ends. She Says Thanks Anandi. Anand Asks Her To Come. Anandi Says If I Can Make The Dress, Then I Can Wear It Too. Anand Waits For Her. Anandi Gets Ready And Comes. He Smiles Seeing Her. Everyone Sees Anandi. Ishana Thinks It Will Be Fun When Your Wardrobe Malfunction Happens.

Anand Sees Anandi’s Back Zip Breaking. He Asks Anandi To Listen. She Goes On The Ramp. Ishana Thinks You Will Have A Public Insult Today.

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