Balika Vadhu 2 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Sejal asks Anandi if you feel comfortable in these clothes. Anandi says no, I wore it for driveway. Ishana smiles. Anand asks Anandi to change it, he will explain to the customers. She asks why are you worried about me, you want to beat me, I will make it, thanks for your advice. She goes. He is startled when he sees the zipper on the back of the dress. Ishana calls the models onto the stage. Anand comes to stop Anandi. Bhairavi and Sejal also enter the driveway. Anand says listen to me. Anandi doesn’t listen to him. She wears earplugs. He says the zipper on your dress is opening. She yells what’s wrong.

Ishana calls Anandi. She thinks you’re going to be embarrassed publicly now. Anand says you’re not going anywhere, wait. Anandi says the dress is not comfortable. Anand says come with me. Anandi asks what your problem is. The light goes. Ishana says it’s a technical problem, give us some time. Anand asks Anandi to shut up and look there. Anandi sees herself in the mirror and is shocked. She asks how this is. He covers her with his coat. She says I thought you… He says it’s okay. She says my name is known. The lights come back. Ishana says welcome back after the short break, Anandi, please come on stage. Anandi comes and walks up the slope. Ishana sees how she fastened the dress with a dupatta. Anandi smiles. He thinks well done Anandi, you always amaze me. Everyone claps.

The lady says congratulations to Anand on a fantastic show, this deal is sealed. Anand and everyone are smiling. Ishana says congratulations. Anand says thank you, where is Anandi, she deserves this, she saved our company again. Anandi arrives with a sari. He looks at her. he says thank you, you saved us. Ishana says guys, you got the contract. Anandi’s sari is tied to the button of his coat. Ishana and Bhairavi watch. Anandi frees the sari. Bhairavi says congratulations. Anandi congratulates you too, I wanted to talk to you about Diya. Ishana angrily breaks a glass. Bhairavi runs to her and asks her to calm down. Ishana says Anandi always escapes my plans. She tells her plans. Bhairavi says don’t worry, Anand had proposed Anandi before and she turned him down, let Anand fall for you, focus on him. She goes. Jigar sees Ishana. Anandi says the zipper of my dress is damaged, I don’t know how this happened. Sejal asks if anyone did it intentionally, why. Jigar tries to say Ishana. Ishana goes and meets them. Jigar gestures to her. Ishana says he might be hungry. Sejal says yes, I will take it. Anandi says I’m coming. Anand calls her. Ishana asks her to go. Anandi goes to Anand. Sejal takes Jigar.

Ishana stings the water and says you can’t talk anymore. She takes the water for him. She asks Sejal to give him medicine. Sejal gives the medicine. She makes him drink the water. She says I’ll take him home. They see Jigar poisoned, expel foam from his mouth. They startle. yells Anandi at Jigar.

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