Balika Vadhu 2 1st February 2022 Written Update

Sejal Calling Anandi. She Asks When Will You Come Home. Anandi Says I Won’t Come Home Tonight, There Is A Lot Of Work. Sejal Prays For Her. Anand Says I M Thinking To Take The Juice Drinks For Them, They Are Working Hard. Ishana Says So Sweet, So I Like You, I Will Help You, You Can Go And Rest. He Says No, The Entire Team Is Working. She Goes. She Drops A Crate. Anand And Anandi Run To Pick The Stuff. Ishana Gets Angry. She Says I Will Show Her Place. She Adds Something In The Juice Glasses. Anand Takes The Tray. Anandi Is Busy In Work. He Gives The Juice Glasses To Everyone. He Asks Anandi To Have It. Anandi Refuses. He Insists And Asks Her To Drink It, It Will Give Her Energy. She Asks Why This Concern When You Want Me To Lose. Ishana Says Leave It, She Doesn’t Care About The Order, Give It To Me, I Will Drink It. Anandi Takes Both The Glasses And Drinks It In A Gulp. Anand Looks Puzzled. The Ladies Start Laughing In Drunk State. Anandi Also Laughs. Anand Asks What’s Happening.

He Checks The Glass And Says There Is Alcohol Mixed In It. He Asks The Servant About It. The Man Says I Got Fresh Fruits Juice, I Didn’t Add Anything. Anand Says I Think He Is Saying Right, Who Added It. Ishana Says Maybe Some Team Lady Did This. The Man Goes. Anand Says We Have Lots Of Work, How Will We Deliver The Order By Tomorrow. She Smiles. He Asks Her To Help. Anandi Shouts On Him. Ishana Asks Her To Go Out. She Asks How Can She Work With Her, She Is So Unprofessional. They Go Out And See Anandi Dancing. Ishana Thinks She Is Total Drunk. Anand Stops Anandi. Anandi Asks Him To Dance. She Takes Ishana For The Dance. Ishana Asks Anand To Come, There Is Much Work Pending. He Asks Her To Go.

He Asks Anandi To Stop It. Sejal Sees Jigar Moving His Hand. She Gets Happy. She Asks Him To Try. He Gets Up. She Says My Son Is Getting Fine. Anandi Tries To Drink Some Water. Anand Asks Her To Come In Senses. Anandi Says I Want To Have Water. He Says Its Not Drinking Water. She Splashes The Water On Him. He Holds Her. Ishana Says Order Won’t Complete Now. Anand Comes. She Says You Scared Me. He Says We Have To Complete This Order, I Will Start The Work, I Need Your Help, Do Anything To Bring Them In Senses. She Says Okay, I Will Try. He Sees The Ladies Sleeping. He Sits To Stitch The Clothes. Anandi Laughs Seeing Him Needle The Thread. She Says Foolish, You Are Putting Your Finger In This Needle. He Says I M Putting This Thread, Let Me Concentrate. She Says Liar. He Says Shut Up For Some Time. She Laughs. The Needle Pricks His Finger. She Says See You Got Hurt, Show Me Your Hand First. He Says I Will Manage. She Says See Its Bleeding. She Cares For Him. He Looks At Her.

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