Balika Vadhu 2 17th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anand coming to meet Anandi and tells her to call off the deal with Mr Sharma. Anandi tells him to stop bossing around. He strictly tells he is the boss and that deal has to be cancelled. He mistakenly makes needle prick Anandi’s finger. He holds her close and sucks the finger to stop bleeding. Anandi goes out of office angrily. Diya stops her and tells her that she wants her to know the real reason.

Anandi tells that she knows Anand had fight with Mr Sharma in party. Diya tells her how she was molested by Mr Sharma and his friends and Anand luckily saved her. Anandi tells her why she didn’t share it with her and encourages her to raise voice against Mr Sharma but Diya is hesitant and tells she doesn’t want to do so and she has already learnt her lesson. Anandi tells that however Mr Sharma and pervert like him needs to learn lesson too. Diya thinks of the way she was molested and feels hurt. Raju tries to cheer her up and she scolds him instead and tells him that everything isn’t simple like he thinks.

Anandi asks Anand for forgiveness as she overacted without knowing the truth. Anand teases her and then they decide to call off the deal with Mr Sharma. Anandi tells Anand that they need to ask Diya to lodge complaint and expose Mr Sharma so that he never repeats the same with anyone else in future. Jigar talks about not getting buttons and work being stopped since five hours to Anandi. He tells that if they don’t start online Holi sale on time it may affect company sales and customers.

Anandi tells she will think of something. Diya overhears the conversation and feele guilty. She tells Jigar everything is happening because of her one mistake. Jigar gives her example of Anandi and tells her not to victimize herself but rather fight against it and become a inspiration for others. Anandi tells Anand that along with business they can expose the perverts too and suggests of a new campaign for Holi, No Consent, No colour. Anand likes the idea and tells how others take benefit of Holi to eve tease girls.

Anandi and Anand hug each other in excitement. Anandi reminds Anand that they are together just for work but not otherwise. Anand feels sad. Anandi brings buttons and asks everyone to give their best as time is really short. All the staffs, Anand, Diya, Jigar and Anandi wilt together and finally finish all the due consignments in time. Diya applauds everyone for making it possible. Anandi tells that what was looking impossible sometime back due to crisis was made possible by everyone together. She tells that masterstroke is still left. The episode ends with Anandi asking Diya to become face of their new campaign and expose perverts.

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