Balika Vadhu 2 10th January 2022 Written Update

Bhairavi and Mehul return home. They listen to everything. Anandi runs away. She comes to a temple and cries. Anand says why Anandi, why didn’t you say this before. Mehul says we’re proud of you, you saved Anandi. Anand says I have yet to save her, Anandi had a child marriage with Jigar, I have seen the photo of her. She says it’s amazing. Anand says don’t crouch in front of Anjarias. She says this time, we will teach them a lesson, I am with you. She goes and asks the family about Jigar and Anandi’s Anjarias. She says that Jigar kidnapped Anandi, Anand could have died in that explosion. She asks them to give Anandi time.

Prem says I’ll release Jigar and apologize to Anandi. Mehul says no, let her stay in jail, he will realize her mistake. Bhairavi says that I will involve the NGO. Prem says I’m taking Jigar home. Anandi hears the ladies talking about a lady who is praying for the life of her husband, even when her husband used to beat her. Anandi stops the lady. Sejal says that if Anandi does not maintain this marriage, then … Maadi Baa says that we will lose our respect. The letter falls there. Sejal says I’m worried about Jigar, no other girl can handle it. Maadi Baa says it is Kalyug, we have to endure this. She Receives The Letter. Sejal says that Ratan wrote this letter for Anandi, how did this get here? Anand feels sad for Anandi. He says I will always support her. Anandi prays in the temple. She says Show me some way, please, do I have to obey my husband who tortures me? She does Tandav. She falls. Maadi Baa says I asked you to burn this letter, you know what decision Anandi can make if she reads this, I will burn it now.

Pandit blesses Anandi and says that you have a great dilemma in your heart, you have a great wish to fulfill. Anandi says I didn’t pray for anything big, I want a little hint for my future. He says that the Lord hears the call of true devotees, he will give you a clue at the right time. Sejal looks for a box of matches. She says I thought about turning on the Diya. Anand says he’s in the drawer. She thanks him. She says you’ve done wrong with Anandi. She goes. He says she didn’t light the diya, why did she ask for a box of matches? Maadi Baa burns the paper and thinks I’m sorry, Ratan, Anandi can never know what your last wish is. Anandi comes home. She receives the letter from Ratan. She picks it up and reads it.

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