Anupamaa 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Anuj replies to Vanraj that he was rich when he had all his relations and especially Anupama; without Anupama he cannot be rich even if he acquires the wealth of the whole world. Vanraj taunts back and says that he is not a poet, but that his lessons are good to make you feel good. Anuj says that a person gets rich with his good behavior and not with wealth. Vanraj says these thoughts are good for poor people; if a person can get rich with good behavior, his bapuji would have been the richest man in the world, he has seen his bapuji in ransom and learned that he has to earn wealth to gain respect. Anuj even says by selling self-esteem.

Vanraj says he is not responsible for Anuj and Malvika’s struggle and blames Anupama for it. Anuj warns him not to use Anu’s name with his mouth. Vanraj asks what he is going to do. Anuj says that wealth was someone else he gave back but relationships are his and if something happens to Anu and Mukku he will not spare him. Vanraj says if he wasn’t afraid of The Anuj Kapadia, why should he be afraid of this one. Anuj says that Anuj Kapadia had a lot and that’s why he thought carefully before doing something, but if he has no fear, he will do it first and then think. Vanraj laughs.

Toshu informs the family that he called the office and discovers that they are all together. Baa says that now the real problem will begin. Kavya fears that Anuj and Vanraj will harm each other. Samar says Mom will solve the problem. Bapuji says the problem will now get worse. Anuj enters Mukku’s cabin, followed by Vanraj who tries to stop them. Anu warns him not to mix with brother and sister. Anuj holds Mukku’s hand and takes her to his cabin. Phoolon Ka Taron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai.. song is playing in the background. Anuj makes Malvika sit in his chair and asks her to sign property documents from his business empire. Malvika looks at him emotionally.

Anuj says that everything is now in her name; there were many conversations, quarrels, complaints, attempts (looking at Vanraj) happened; all is hers, but she is his; he resigns from the Kapadia Empire, but not from the responsibility as her brother; he knows that now they are or don’t need anyone’s help and not fall for anyone’s trick, she must use her own conscience; he can leave everything behind but can’t stop worrying about her since he is her brother.

Malvika emotionally hugs him and asks if he can leave her and not Anupama. Anuj says she cannot understand, but one day she will do it alone. Vanraj taunts Anu that she and her friend have now become beggars and asks if he should send them 2 separate bowls or just 1. Anu says that beggar is one who holds out hands but Anu with head held high gave everything; one who quickly rises high will fall at the same speed, a sun sets to rise again. Anuj plays the Maqabla song and asks Malvika to dance with him. She keeps crying. Anu hugs and comforts her. Anuj replaces his name tag with Malvika’s.

Anu asks Malvika to visit her if she wants to have her prepared food, express her anger at her or hate her, but she only has to remember her brother with love. Wishing her all the best, Anuj walks to the door when Malvika stops him and walks towards him, but seeing Anu remembers Vanraj’s words that Anuj’s choice is Mukku and not her, but he will never leave her alone. Anuj leaves hut with Anu. Malvika breaks down.

Anuj cries at the memory of the time she spent with Malvika. Anu asks if he wants coffee. He nods yes and walks with him to the cafeteria. She says her world was once locked in her house, but when she got to this office, she realized it was another world; she feels bad with only a few days of work and can imagine what he feels.

Precap: Vanraj grins at Anu and waves her goodbye. Anu holds his hand and walks away. Anu says he doesn’t know where to go. GK tells Anu that he came and goes for the sake of the family, now he is Anu’s responsibility. Anu says she has taken her responsibility and will now
deal with her love.

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