Anupamaa 7th January 2022 Written Update

Anuj Wait For Anupama And Malvika At The Parking. He Spot Them Playing A Game. Anuj Asks Anupama And Malvika Why They Are Playing A Game. He Learns From Anupama That They Are Not Playing A Game But Doing A Competition. The One Who Will Win The Game Will Have To Do What Winner Will Ask The Loser To Do. Malvika Lose The Game. She Asks Anupama To Tell What She Has To Do. Anupama Asks Malvika If She Will Not Back Down. Malvika Says She Never Do That. Anupama Asks Her To Join Them For New Year Party.

There, Samar Gets Angry On Kavya For Trying To Provoke Nandini Against Breaking The Family. Nandini Side Kavya Against Samar. Samar Says To Nandini That Kavya Is Bearing Whatever She Has Done In The Past With Anupama Post Nandini Claimed That Because Of Malvika, Kavya’s Married Life Is Getting Affected. Nandini Asks Samar Not To Accuse Kavya. Samar Says To Kavya That She Can Throw New Year Party For Everyone’s Happiness And Not To Benefit The Situation. Nandini Says To Samar That Kavya Is Already Going Through Much. Samar Asks Nandini That She Can Sympathize With Kavya And Can Also Think Upon Marrying Him. Nandini And Kavya Stands Stunned.

Anupama Recall Her Moment When She Caught Kavya And Vanraj On Her Bed While Explaining To Malvika That She Should Move On From The Past. She Encourage Malvika To Fight With Her Past And Try To Move On. Anupama Says To Malvika That One Should Welcome Happiness. Later, Kinjal Helps Pakhi To Fix Burnt Cake. Leela Prepare Coffee For Everyone. Hasmuk Wait For Jignesh To Bring His Cream Roll.

Ahead, Shahs Gets Ready To Celebrate New Year. Vanraj Brings Gifts For Shahs. Pakhi Gets Happy. Shahs Wait For Anupama. Here, Malvika Changes Her Mind And Decide To Accompany Anupama And Anuj For The New Year Party. She Says To Anupama That She Is Petrified Yet Want To Give It A Try. Anuj Says After So Many Years Malvika Will Celebrate New Year Because Of Anupama. He Gives Flower To Anupama. Anupama Gets Smitten.

Malvika Along With Anupama And Anuj Gets Ready To Attend The Party. She Gets Afraid Seeing A Lady Bearing A Domestic Violence. Anupama And Anuj Stands Stunned Seeing Her.

Precap: Anupama And Anuj Learns That Malvika Is Taking Depression Medicine. Malvika Cries In Pain And Asks Not To Beat Him. Anuj Holds Himself Responsible For Malvika’s Condition

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