Anupamaa 7th February 2022 Written Update

Anuj Informed Anupama That He Is Going To Handover The Ownership Of His Property To Malvika. Anupama Get Disappointed By Anuj’s Decision And Asked Him Not To Do This. Anuj Said He Has Decided And No One Can Change His Decision. Anuj And Anupama Started Crying. Anuj Asked Does Anupama Will Stay With Him? Anupama Said Nothing. Malvika Informed Vanraj That Anuj Is Going To Handover Everything To Her And She Can’t Let Him Do This. Vanraj Said Anuj Only Thinks About Anupama And He Never Loves Malvika.

Vanraj Said Anuj Come Close To Anupama But He Went Away From Malvika. On The Other Hand, Shah Family Was Worried About Anuj And Malvika. Vanraj Said Anuj Did This Because He Knew That Malvika Is Emotionally Fool And Will Return Everything Soon. Vanraj Said Anupama Is Controlling Anuj’s Decision. Baa Said Toshu Should Have Gone To Office With Vanraj. Toshu Said All Are Emotionally Fools And They Bring Emotions In The Business. Kavya Said Anupama And Anuj Should Not Break Their Partnership Because She Will Lost Her Job By This. Anupama Said Vanraj Is Very Toxic And He Is Not A Suitable Partner For Anyone In The World, So Anuj Should Not Leave Malvika In Vanraj’s Hands.

Anupama Asked Anuj To Believe Malvika And Take His Decision Back. Anuj Said He Can’t Do Anything. Anupama Said Vanraj Can Do Anything For His Benefit And He Is Enjoying The Conflicts Between Anuj And Malvika. Anupama Asked Anuj To Have Conversation With Malvika. Anuj Said Nothing. Anupama Da She Will Not Support Anuj’s Decision. Vanraj Said Anupama Manipulated Anuj. Malvika Said Anuj Has Handover Everything And How He Will Survive? Vanraj Said Anuj’s First Choice Is Anupama And That’s Why He Left Everything. Vanraj Hold Malvika’s Hand And Said He Will Never Leave Her Alone.

Anupama Said If Anuj Want To Leave His Business Then He Can Do But He Should Not Leave Malvika. Anupama Said She Knew The Tactics Of Vanraj. Anupama Said She And Anuj Are Together, And If He Will Not Do Anything Then She Herself Will Fight With Vanraj. Anupama Was Going Out Of The Cabin, But Anuj Stopped Him. Anupama Asked Anuj To Sit On The Chair And Feed Him Breakfast Forcefully. Anupama Went To Malvika’s Cabin, While Vanraj Was Trying To Manipulate Malvika. Anupama Said She Need To Talk To Malvika In Alone. Vanraj Said He Will Hear Everything Between Anupama And Malvika. Malvika Asked Vanraj To Leave From There For Sometime.

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