Anupamaa 5th February 2022 Written Update

Anupama Pack Her Luggage And Said She Need To Leave This Home Now. Anupama Said She Is Ending This Partnership But She Is Not Going Out Of His Life And Asked Anuj To Take Care Of Malvika. Anupama Was Going, Suddenly Anuj Hold Her Saree And Stopped Her. Anuj Said He Had Waited A Lot For His Love And Relations, Now He Can’t Wait Anymore. Anuj Said If He Will Lost Her Sister Then He Will Not Able To Live And If He Will Lost Anupama Then He Will Die. Anuj Said He Has Taken A Decision And Asked Anupama To Accept His Decision Without Any Argument Because His Decision Is Right. Anupama Asked About Anuj’s Decision.

Anuj Said He Will Inform Everything Tomorrow. On The Other Hand Vanraj Was Thinking About His Plan To Achieve Goals. Anupama Was Crying And She Prayed God To Take Care Of Everyone. Later Anuj And Anupama Get Ready. Anupama Asked Anuj To Eat Curd Before Going To Office Because It Will Be Holistic For Him. Anupama Said She Don’t Know What He Is Going To Do But She Is With Him Always. Anuj And Anupama Move Towards Office. Shah Family Was Having Breakfast Together, Vanraj Get Ready To Go Office. Baapuji Asked Where Vanraj Is Going? Vanraj Said He Is Going To Office.

Baapuji Asked Vanraj Not To Go Office Just To Make Everything Calm. Vanraj Said He Can’t Wait For Anything And It Is Necessary To Go. Vanraj Went To Office And Meet Malvika. Vanraj Asked What Happened? Malvika Said Anuj Has Taken A Decision And She Is Agree With That. On The Other Hand, Anupama Shouted At Anuj For His Decision. Malvika Said Anuj Has Handed Over Everything To Her. Vanraj Get Shocked And Happy. Anupama Asked Why Anuj Has Taken This Decision? Malvika Said Anupama Has Given Her Stakes To Anuj And He Has Given Everything To Her. Anuj Said He Can’t Explain Everything.

Anuj Said Malvika Doesn’t Likes His Presence Anymore. Anupama Said Two People Can’t Live Happily Always, They May Fight Sometimes. Anuj Said He Can’t Stay Quiet After Watching Malvika’s Wrong Decision And That’s Why He Is Giving Everything To Her. Anupama Said Anuj Can’t Leave His Sister For Anything. Anuj Said He Is Doing Everything For Malvika’s Happiness. Anupama Asked Anuj To Think About His Decision Because Might Be Possible That Malvika Will Handover Everything To Vanraj. Anuj Said He Don’t Know Anything. Anuj Said This Decision Is Final And Asked Her To Support Him.

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