Anupamaa 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Malvika Says Anuj Will Not Listen To Anyone One. She Urge Anupama To Help Anuj And Cries. Malvika Says She Gives Upon Anuj. Shahs Gets Emotional Seeing Malvika. Anupama Console Malvika. She Asks Anuj And Malvika To Shake Hands. Anupama Adds Samar And Pakhi Fights A Lot But She Never Had To Ask Them To Shake Hands. She Asks Anuj And Malvika To Do By Themselves. Anupama Praise Anuj And Malvika’s Bond As They Fighting To Return Property To Each Other. She Says Vanraj-Dolly, Jignesh-Leela And Samar-Paritosh And Pakhi Shares Good Bond. And Now Anuj And Malvika Is One Of Them. Anupama Asks Anuj And Malvika To Patch Up. Anuj And Malvika Reunites. Shahs Gets Happy.

Anuj Calls Anupama While Doing Group Hug With Malvika And GK. Kavya Think Anuj And Anupama Is Hugging In Front Of All. Shahs Gets Happy. Leel Gets Happy. Anupama Stands Shocked. There, Kavya Congratulate Vanraj As Malvika Turned The Sole Owner Of Kapadia Industry. Vanraj Says To Kavya That Her Thinking Is Low And Smirks.

Shahs Sit Together To Have Dinner. Kavya Think She Now Hope Malvika Returns Back To Home. Anuj And Anupama Too Discuss About Talking To Malvika To Take Her Back. Anuj Insists Anupama To Initiate The Talk. Anupama Gets Ready. Anuj And Anupama Find Malvika Sleeping. Leela And Vanraj Asks Them To Let Malvika Sleep And Take Her Next Day.

Anuj Assures Vanraj That He Will Take Back Malvika Soon. Kavya Asks Anuj To Do It Surely. Later, Vanraj Put Quilt On Samar And Pakhi. She Sees Malvika And Asks Kinjal To Help Her. He Finds Burned Property Papers And Think Something.

Anuj And Anupama Share A Talk While Walking On The Road. He Asks Anupama Didn’t She Find It Strange When He Pulled Her While Doing Group Hug. Anuj Apologize To Anupama. Anupama Gets Smitten Seeing Anuj.

There, Kinjal And Paritosh Share A Talk With Each Other About Anuj For Not Being Kapadia. Paritosh Stuns Kinjal By Saying Since Malvika Is Sole Owner Of Kapadi Empire Than He And Vanraj Is At Strong Position. Kinjal Side Anuj.

Ahead, Anuj And Anupama Find A Newspaper About News Reading Anuj’s Truth.

Precap: Anuj Says To Anupama That Whatever He Does For Malvika, He Feels It Is Less. Vanraj Asks Malvika Is She Don’t Want To Rule The Company. Malvika Asks Vanraj If He Is Instigating Her. She Further Says If She Will Not Want To Do Business With Him Than She Will Handover It To Him.

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