Anupamaa 29th December 2021 Written Update

Anupama And Vanraj Bumps Into Each Other. They Speak On Call And Says Their Restaurant Is Going To Be Best From Each Other. Vanraj Asks Anupama If She Really Meant Or Just To Distract Malvika She Talked About The Competition. Anupama Says She Is Serious. Vanraj Asks Anupama If She Will Do The Competition. Duo Share A Talk With Each Other About Their Past. Vanraj Says To Anupama That Even After Getting Separated They Are Connected With Each Other. While, Talking Anupama Expresses Her Love For Anuj. Vanraj Smile Seeing Anupama. Anupama Shy Away And Tries To Distract The Talk.

There, Anuj Gets Angry On Himself For Questioning Malvika. He Decide To Console Malvika By Presenting A Gift To Her On The Occasion Of Christmas. Vanraj Encourages Anupama To Confess Her Love For Anuj As It Is High Time. Anupama And Vanraj Says Their Relationship Can’t Be Defined. They Says Their Path Is Still Connected. Ahead, Vanraj Clarify To Anupama That He Is Focused Towards Only Work. Anupama Says She Told Same Thing To Anuj. Vanraj Gets Impressed With Anupama. He Further Feels Good Seeing His Cabin In The Office.

Malvika Invites Anupama For Christmas Party. Anupama Share With Malvika That She Never Attended Christmas Party Ever. Malvika Share With Anupama About Her First Christmas Party Experience And Gets Emotional. She Further Asks Anupama To Visit Shah’s For The Party. Malvika Asks Anupama To Bake Carrot Cake For All. Anuj Come And Decide To Surprise Malvika On The Occasion Of Christmas.

Later, Malvika Asks Anupama And Anuj Why They Haven’t Proposed Each Other For Wedding. Anuj Says To Anupama That Malvika Is Crazy. Hasmuk And Jignesh Argues Over Becoming Santa Claus. Kinjal And Partiosh Asks Hasmuk And Jignesh To Become Santa Claus. Malvika Brings Leela And Insists Her To Decorate The Christmas Tree. Leela Keeps Malvika’s Word And Helps In Decorating Tree.

Anupama Decide To Prepare Carrot Cake. Shah’s Gets Happy Decorating Christmas Tree. Malvika Gets Impressed Post Hasmuk Lecture On Celebrating Each Festival With Full Enthusiasm. Elsewhere, Anuj Decide To Help Anupama In The Kitchen. Anuj Prank On Anupama. Anupama Gets Angry On Anuj For Trying A Prank On Her.

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