Anupamaa 17th march 2022 Written Update

In today’s episode; Anupama recalling her past. She think this year Holi will be special. Anuj too gets excited to celebrate Holi. Anupama think until Anuj comes it will be difficult for her to escape colors. Vanraj recall Anuj and Anupamas meeting. He decide to ruin Anuj, Anupamas Holi. Vanraj visit Anuj. Anuj shows least interest in Vanraj’s talk.

Vanraj asks Anuj to hear him once. He stuns Anuj by saying that Anupama will not return to him as he won’t let her come back to him. Vanraj asks Anuj to react as he will not let Anupama unite with him. Anuj wakes up from the dream. He think Vanraj can’t ruin his Holi in real. Anuj decide to play Holi with Anupama.

Leela starts the day by applying color to Lord Krishna. She wish Happy Holi to God. Hasmuk, Jignesh and Leela put colors on each other. Kavya walks upto Vanraj. She gives food platter to Vanraj and says since he locks himself in the room because of colors thus she brought food. Kavya makes Vanraj to apply color to her. She applies back to Vanraj. Kavya desires to drink ‘bhaang’. Vanraj recall last year Holi. Duo share quality time. Vanraj tries to get closer to Kavya. Kavya gets happy. She asks Vanraj to join her for the Holi celebration. Vanraj refuse to accompany Kavya. He further decide to ruin Anupamas Holi.

Shahs wish each other Happy Holi. Anupama blushes post getting ready. Samar come and pulls Anupamas leg post he decoded latter will not apply color until Anuj does. Anupama and Samar miss Devika. Samar advice Anupama to lock door so that done applies colors to her before Anuj. Anupama wish Samar Happy Holi. She further wait for Anuj.

Vanraj takes color on his hand walks upto Anupama. Anupama wonders where Anuj is stuck. Anuj struggles to reach Anupama. Vanraj tried to trick Anupama to apply color on her. Anupama decoded Vanraj is trying to ruin her Holi. She asks Vanraj to keep calm on the festival atleast. Vanraj gets furious. Anupama wait for Anuj. Shahs celebrate Holi. Kinjal coughs. Paritosh help Kinjal and apologize her for his action. Kavya refuse to forgive Paritosh. Anuj calls Anupama to the garden. Vanraj waits for Anupama to come out from the room. [Episode Ends]

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