Anupamaa 10th January 2022 Written Update

Anuj Accuse Himself. He Says To Anupama That He Should Die But He Can’t Do That Too. Anuj Adds Thus Malvika Keeps Running Place To Place. He Slaps Himself. Anupama Asks Anuj To Control Himself. Anuj Tells To Anupama That Malvika Has Bear Lots Of Pain In The Past. He Says Malvika Lost All The Courage To Fight. Anuj Cries And Says Malvika Is Running From Herself As She Is Not Left With Any Courage Or Hope. Anupama Cries Hearing Anuj.

Shahs Worry For Anupama. Hasmuk Says There Is Something Not Right Thus Anupama Is Not Receiving The Call. Samar Says That They Should Visit Anuj’s Place. Anuj Says To Anupama That Malvika Tried To Move On From Her Past But Everything Is Messed. Vanraj Spots Malvika And Anuj With Anupama In A Devastated State. Paritosh Inform Shahs That Anupama And Anuj Is Fine But Because Of Malvika They Can’t Reach Them. He Adds Vanraj Will Come Sometimes Later. Kavya Gets Angry On Malvika For Ruining Their Party. Samar Says To Kavya That Party Can’t Be More Important Than Someone’s Life Problem. Leela Adds Problem Might Be Big Else Anupama Is Not Irresponsible. Pakhi Miss Anupama. Kinjal And Paritosh Handle Pakhi. Kavya Says New Year Is Blast And Now Whole Year There Will Be Drama.

There, Anupama Sit Stunned Seeing Vanraj. Vanraj Says She Wasn’t Receiving The Call Thus He Came To See Them. He Takes Anuj With Him And Asks Anupama To Take Care Of Malvika. Anupama Decide To Aid Malvika. Here, Shahs Managed To Console Pakhi. They Write Their Wishes On The Paper And Drops In A Box. Kavya Gets Restless Thinking Vanraj Too Is With Kapadia’s.

Vanraj Share A Talk With Anuj. He Gives His Support To Anuj. In The Meantime, Anupama Recall Her Past Seeing Devastated Malvika. She Encourages Malvika And Asks Her To Vent Out Her Pain And Angst Today. She Gives Her Pillow And Ask Her To Vent Her Heart Out. Malviak Cries Her Heart Out And Tear Apart The Pillow. Anuj And Vanraj Stand Shocked Seeing Malvika’s Condition. Anupama Cries Seeing Malvika.

Precap: Anupama Makes Malvika Sleep. She Question Vanraj Until When Women Have To Bear Someone’s Wrath. Vanraj Adds Until Men Changes. Later, Anuj Goes Missing. Anupama And Malvika Is Stunned.

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