Anupama 27th December 2021 Written Update

In today’s episode; Anupama asks Anuj if anything happened because of her. Anuj says no it was his mistake. He revealed to Anupama that Malvika got angry because he praise her. Anupama praise Malvika and says Anuj that she is like a child. She says to Anuj that Malvika needs his time. Anuj says to Anupama that her right too there on his time. Anupama looks at Anuj.javascript:false

There, Malvika and Vanraj discuss business strategy. Malvika decide to keep the restaurant name on the seasons. Vanraj likes the idea. Malvika thanks Pakhi for giving her dress and quote it is comfortable to wear. Leela talks with Hasmukh and says Malvika eats a lot but still she is think. Hasmuk says Malvika is childlike but when it comes to business she is mature. Kavya think Vanraj is working happily with Malvika and don’t even talk with her. Nandini feels bad for Kavya.

Anuj tell to Anupama that she is equally important in his life. He adds Malvika is his sister and holds a place in his life but that doesn’t mean he will stop loving her. Anuj asks Anupama to never leave him. Anupama gets smitten seeing Anuj. Later, Nandini share with Samar she worries what if Vanraj falls for Malvika. Samar gets angry on Nandini for over-thinking like Kavya. He leaves the place. Nandini tries to talk with Samar.

Here, Vanraj suggest for keeping local cuisines in their restaurant. Malvika goes against Vanraj’s suggestion. She asks to keep exotic cuisines. Duo argues with each other. At Anuj’s office, Anupama plays with magnet. Anuj calls Anupama magnet thief. Anupama says to Anuj that he is magnet thief as he has stolen her magnet during college days. Anuj stands stunned.

Malvika and Vanraj decide to do toss to decide whose idea will be carried forward for the restaurant. Vanraj wins. Kavya think Malvika is taking big decision through a toss. Malvika says she will transfer 50 Lakhs to the account. Leela and others gets shocked. Vanraj later welcome Paritosh to the project too. Malvika asks Partiosh to immediately join them. Kinjal and Paritosh gets happy. Malvika decide for celebrating Christmas party. Vanraj says he will do arrangements.

Anuj shares his worry with Anupama. He quoted he isn’t liking Vanraj and Malvika’s partnership as both are stubborn and angry. In the meantime, Vanraj praise Malvika for giving him chance and trusting him post Kavya shows her insecurity. Leela and Kavya stands shocked. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anuj learn Malvika transferred 50 Lakhs in Vanraj’s account. He argues with Malvika. Malvika and Vanraj asks Anuj what problem he has if they are working together.

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