Anupama 24th December 2021 Written Update

In today’s episode; Aunpama and Anuj look for Malvika. Anupama quotes Malvika gets angry soon. Anuj says Malvika is stubborn since childhood. He adds post his Parents demise Malvika changed. Anupama asks Anuj not to accuse himself for whatever has been done in the past. Anuj regret and says Malvika is alone in her life. There, Vanraj think it is a new day for him. Kavya bring handkerchief for Vanraj. Vanraj asks Kavya if she is trying to be Anupama. He asks if she think he likes a woman who stay quiet. Vanraj says if he liked such woman than Anupama would have been with him. Kavya asks Vanraj to tell which kind of wife he wants. She decide to change for him. Vanraj asks Kavya to do a favour on him by giving divorce to him. Kavya gets adamant to be with Vanraj.javascript:false

Anuj accuse himself for Malvika’s condition. He gets restless. Anupama asks Anuj not to blame himself. She console Anuj and says destiny is needed to be blamed. Anupama further goes to the temple. Here, Kavya packs tiffin for Vanraj. Leela confront Kavya about working in the kitchen. Kavya says she is trying to be a good wife. She further decide to be herself and in back Vanraj.

Anupama prays for Malvika and Anuj. On road, Malvika bash a guy for gazing her. She says none bothers about her. Later, Anupama bumps into Rinku Sooryavanshi. Rinku shares ‘Atrangi Re’ story with her. Duo share a talk with each other.

Furthermore, Kavya give tiffin to Vanraj. Vanraj refuse to take the tiffin. Malvika enters the Shah house. Shah’s stands shocked. Anuj and Anupama looks for Malvika. Malvika asks permission from Shah’s to let her stay with them. Kavya, Vanraj and others stands shocked.

Malvika asks Leela to let her stay as she can adjust anywhere. She tries to convince Leela. Malvika asks Vanraj if she can stay with them. In the meantime, Anupama asks Anuj about Akshay. Anuj reveal to Anupama about Akshay and Malvika’s love story. He told her that Akshay used to love just Malvika’s money.

Malvika asks Vanraj to let her stay with them. She hugs Vanraj in front of Shah’s. Kavya and others stands shocked. Anuj share with Anupama that because of Akshay, Malvika distanced herself from him. He further looks for Malvika. Anupama cries and think she can’t see Anuj in pain. [Episode Ends]

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