Anupama 23rd December 2021 Written Update

In today’s episode; Malvika asks Anupama to tell what she would like to have. Anupama says anything. Malvika says she will cook anything. Anuj, Malvika and Anupama laughs. Anupama excuses herself and give space to Anuj and Mavlika to share a talk with each other. Anuj bring tea for Anupama. He asks her if she felt bad what Malvika said. Anupama says no. Anuj praise Anupama’s goodness and says thus he love her. Anupama think Anuj is equally good.javascript:false

Kavya does the exercise. She gets the cramps. Leel asks Kavya what happened. Kavya tell about cramp. She asks Leela how at this age too she has good skin and hair. Kavya adds Anupama too don’t visit parlour yet her hair is good. Leela asks Kavya to focus on her inner beauty instead of worrying about her looks. Kavya says seeing Malvika how cum she don’t feel insecure. Later, Vanraj asks Kavya about his office location. Vanraj tell to Shah’s that he will work at Anuj’s place. Kavya says to Vanraj that but Anupama and Anuj will be there too. Vanraj says he know that. He further asks Kavya to run café if he wants. Kavya says she didn’t did MBA to run a café.

Partiosh asks Vanraj if Kavya isn’t interested than can he over take the café. Vanraj allows Partiosh. Kavya says to Partiosh that he got café in charity. Partiosh replies back to Kavya. Samar gets excited to work with Partiosh. Kinjal feels proud of Paritosh. There, Anuj praise pan cake prepared by Malvika. He also praise Anupama’s cooking skill and Malvika gets upset.

At café; Samar and Nandini welcome Partiosh and Kinjal at the café. They asks Partiosh to serve them coffee. Kinjal, Samar and Nandini praise coffee by Partiosh. Kinjal pays to Partiosh. Partiosh says he will run the café and will grow. He further get taunt message from Rakhi for running the café. Partiosh invite Rakhi to the café.

Ahead, Malvika goes mad at Anuj for praising Anupama. Anuj apologize to Malvika. Malvika complaint Anuj for rejecting Akshay despite knowing she love him. She further leaves the house. Anuj and Anupama worries for Malvika. Anuj looks for Malvika at the road. Anupama console Anuj and support him to find Malvika. [Episode Ends]

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