Anupama 21st December 2021 Written Update

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Vanraj is back in his home. Paritosh, Kinjal, Nandini and Samar applaud Vanraj for throwing a grand celebration. Vanraj feels proud. He also asks his children not to be close to Anupama but it’s the right time for her to live her life. He says he’s made a move away from Anupama and she is entitled to the right to be free without tension. Vanraj praises Kinjal for taking charge of the house when Anupama was not there. Samar and Kinjal get teary. Vanraj promises to be their friend. Pakhi, Nandini, Paritosh and Kinjal prepare to be Vanraj’s friends. Vanraj avoid Kavya. Kinjal wants Vanraj to give another opportunity for Kinjal too.

Anupama tells Anuj her promise to not be angry with Anuj for not sharing information about Malivka because she knows there is something he’s not able to divulge. She promises Anuj to be by his side in total trust. Anuj acknowledges Anupama for not stating his true identity. Anuj also decides to disclose his previous life.

While she is waiting, the Malvika finds out about Anuj’s injury. GK applauds Anupama for caring for Anuj. Malvika wants to know GK whether Anupama is starting to feel affection towards Anuj. GK declares he’s a fool. In this case, Vanraj think if can’t accept Kavya after she stabbed her back him.

Then, Anuj share his bitter experiences with Malvika. Anuj informs Anupama about his childhood. His life seemed good until at the time of his 25 anniversary birthday, he went out with his parents and Malvika and his life was changed forever. Anuj tears and tells Anupama that when he was racing with his parents, they were involved in an accident. Anupama console Anuj.

The Precap Malvika is asked by Anupama if she loves Anuj. Anuj demands Anupama not feel guilty over Malvika’s words. He apologizes to her. Anupama within her head, she thinks Anuj will only apologize. Anuj says he is sure that she doesn’t care about her. Anupama believes that Anuj is making predictions by himself. Anupama decides that she will cook. Malvika is able to stop Anupama and promises to cook for Anuj. Anupama stands by her right

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