In today’s episode; Kavya asks Anupama about Malvika. Anupama states that she doesn’t know who she is. Kavya wants Anupama to inquire about Malvika. She says that Anuj has not just hid his love for her , but also hid Malvika. Kavya claims that all men are the identical. She claims Vanraj is becoming jealous when he sees Anuj And Malvika. Malvika is able to convince Anuj to dancing. Anuj along with Malvika dancing together. Shahs is stunned to see Malvika and Anuj dancing together. Vanraj thinks Malvika and Anuj seem to have a close bonds. Kavya taunts Vanraj over Malvika.

Malvika and Anuj have a conversation with GK. She then invites Anuj to meet Shahs. Anuj stands stunned. Malvika announces Anuj as her brother in law to Shahs. Anupama and the entire audience is stunned. Kavya believes that she is a sister hiding as this. Vanraj questions Malvika about why she’s using Anuj with his first name. Malvika replies that her name is Anuj so she began calling him with his name. She then inquires Anuj and vanraj whether they know each one another.

Vanraj Introduces Shahs for the first time to Malvika. Malvika is excited to meet Shahs. She is awed by Vanraj for calling his ex-wife to the evening party. Nandini, Samar and Pakhi discuss the reason Anuj kept Malvika from the public eye. Nandini suggests Anupama could be aware of Malvika. Samar says seeing Anupama it doesn’t seems latter know about Malvika. Then, Malvika asks Vanraj and Anuj to meet with his ex-wife and his friend. Anuj presents Anupama. Malvika is happy and hug Anupama. Anupama stands stunned. Malvika informs Anupama that she’s met her previously. Anupama declares that their fight will be only the second time. Malvika says she’s met Anuj’s eyes through in poetry, and during talks. She also says Anuj might not have told about herself to any person. Anuj stands stunned.

Afterward, Malvika invites Vanraj for photo shoot. She invites other people to take part in the moment. Anupama confronts Anuj regarding Malvika. Anuj says to Anupama that he does not want to cover up about Malvika but he didn’t have the opportunity to inform her. Malvika introduces Vanraj and her guests. Kavya stands envy. Malvika asks Vanraj to tell her if he’s still stunned to discover that Anuj was her twin brother. Vanraj states that he was stunned before. Anupama questions Anuj whether he doesn’t want to speak details about Malvika. Anuj defends himself and states that there was no reason for him to hide anything about Malvika. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anuj takes Malvika home. Kavya states to Anupama that Anuj has left her on her own due to Malvika. Anupama recommends Kavya to concentrate on her and Vanraj’s lives. Leela speaks to Hasmuk and suggests that Malvika may not be happy with Anupama’s presence in Anuj’s home.

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