Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Update Maan union

Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Update Maan union Anupama asks Anuj to get up, if he doesn’t want to get her scolding. She emotionally appeals to Anuj to come back to her. Vanraj overhears her emotional appeal and gets sad. Anupama asks Anuj to wake up once and break out from the coma. She tells that she will not scold him ever, and always make sweets for him. She makes prayers for her best friend. Paritosh goes to apologize to Kinjal by taking Samar and Pakhi’s advice. He asks her to go and sleep, because she really needs rest. She is awaiting the phone call from the hospital. He tells that he will stay awake to attend the calls. He asks her to just take a rest.

Kinjal cries emotionally on getting her old Paritosh back. Samar finds them close by forgetting their differences. He is glad to see things getting better between them. He wants Anuj to recover soon. Anupama doesn’t hold Anuj’s hand and stops herself. Vanraj sees her hesitant restraint. He goes to Anupama to speak to her and give her the right piece of advice, which she needs right now. He tells her that Anuj is stable now, he may get conscious till the morning. He asks her not to get scared, Anuj will be fine. Anupama tells that she is really scared for Anuj. Vanraj consoles her. She realizes that she has been rude to Vanraj.

She tells that she is also hopeful that Anuj will get conscious soon. Vanraj tells her that he has something to say today. He apologizes to her for always hurting her. He calls her the heart of the Shah family, she is away from the family and still running it so well by keeping them united. He understands that they all need Anupama, so they depend on her all the time. He apologizes for dragging her into their personal problems. He asks how long she will face the troubles for their sake. He tells that his household shouldn’t be her responsibility. He asks her not to bear Leela’s anger or Kavya’s frustration. He tells that it’s enough now.

He asks her to think of Anuj now. He realizes that Anupama didn’t leave the family after Anuj came into her life, instead Anuj has gotten close to the family. He adds that Anuj has tolerated many insults by Leela and him, Anuj has done a lot for the family, just for Anupama’s sake. He asks Anupama to think about herself, and move on with Anuj. Anupama is shocked to hear this from her. Vanraj tells that it’s the right time to say this to her. He asks Anupama to not wait till she finishes sorting out life’s problems. He tells her that he always stopped her from progressing, but he is asking her to move on now with Anuj.

He requests her to end Anuj’s long wait for his love. He tells that he doesn’t like to say it, but he wants to confess that he was never the right guy for her, Anuj is the right guy for her. He feels hurt to say this. He tells that Anupama won’t get anyone like Anuj who loves her selflessly. He didn’t see such strong love in real life. He tells that he has heard about such true love in movies, Anuj has proved it true, Anuj’s love is a true commitment. He asks Anupama not to let anyone snatch her rights when Anuj loves her and she loves Anuj.

Anupama asks Vanraj not to say such things. Vanraj tells that it’s his nature to have his ego and obstinacy, but today he is siding his ego to request her for accepting Anuj. He tells that he has seen her worry for Anuj, it’s her love. Anupama tells that it was just her concern for a friend. He tells her that whatever he had seen in her eyes was much more than friendship. He asks her not to think of the family or children, and just think of herself. He tells that even she has a right to fall in love. He pleads with her to realize and accept her feelings for Anuj. He feels jealous of Anuj like always. He asks Anupama to listen to her heart, before the old selfish Vanraj returns. He adds that Anuj is the right person for her.

Vanraj gives Anupama’s hand to Anuj. There is a huge emotional moment between Vanraj and Anupama. He tells her that family will always be with her. He adds that he is letting her go, she is free from his side totally. He cries a lot while uniting Anupama with Anuj. Anupama doesn’t let Vanraj leave and holds his hand. Vanraj kisses her with a wish for her good future with Anuj. He leaves from her life for once and all. Vanraj goes away to shed tears of sorrow. He feels Anupama has a right to move on, and now even he can move on in his life without any burden on his heart. Anupama decides to move on with Anuj. She remembers Vanraj’s advice.

Anupama doesn’t understand how Vanraj can say such a big thing to her. She goes out of the ward and imagines Anuj with her. Anuj reminds her that they are Maan together. Anuj’s love enters her heart. Anuj appears around to make her realize that he is residing in her heart now, he has become her love. In a beautiful musical sequence, Anupama’s love realization is seen. She acknowledges Anuj’s love and efforts. She goes back to Anuj and holds his hand by her own will. She tells her decision that she is ready to move on by giving herself a chance. Vanraj smiles in peace on seeing her accept Anuj.

Later, Anuj gains consciousness. He just wants to see Anupama. He finds Anupama with him. Anupama wakes up on hearing his call. Anuj worriedly asks her if she is okay. She tells that she is okay because of him, but he is in this condition because of her. Anuj tells that he is absolutely fine. She informs Vanraj that Anuj is conscious now. Vanraj is glad to see Anuj conscious. He rushes to call the doctor. Doctor tells them that Anuj is absolutely fine now. Leela prays for Anuj till morning. GK thanks her for the efforts. Hasmukh asks GK not to worry. Vanraj calls them to give the good news about Anuj.

Anupama speaks to the family and shows them a conscious Anuj. She relieves their tension. Vanraj says that Anuj is out of danger. The family is relieved on receiving the good news. GK thanks Leela and Hasmukh for praying for Anuj and supporting them so much. Hasmukh tells Leela that Anupama needs someone to share her sorrow. Leela agrees that Anupama needs Anuj. They are happy that Vanraj has handled Anupama and Anuj well today. Vanraj tells Anupama that he will go home and prepare for his meeting. He adds that he will come later. He wishes Anuj for a quick recovery.

In a friendly mood, Vanraj tells that Anuj has already won. Anuj doesn’t understand. Vanraj advises Anupama to tell her feelings to Anuj, because it’s the very right time. Anupama finds it difficult to confess her feelings to Anuj. Anuj’s anger raises again that those goons had hurt Anupama. She doesn’t want him to worry. He says that he might be looking funny without combing his hair. Anupama sets his hair with love. He sees her face and realizes that she has to say something. He asks her to speak out whatever is in her heart. Vanraj arrives home and updates the family about Anuj. He asks Samar to take GK to the hospital.

Samar and Kinjal rush to arrange food and clothes for Anupama. Vanraj makes a confession to Hasmukh. He tells that Anuj’s accident has been an eye opener. He reveals that he has seen Anupama’s love for Anuj. He adds that he told Anupama to accept her feelings and move on with Anuj. Hasmukh is surprised to hear such positive things from Vanraj. He happily hugs his son and thanks him. He knows that this move will prove beneficial for everyone. Leela watches them. Vanraj gets Malvika’s call. He has a meeting with her. Anuj asks Anupama why she is so silent, like he is going to die.

Anupama scolds him with love. She makes him apologize. She tells him that nothing will happen to him. Leela questions Hasmukh about Anupama and Anuj. He doesn’t think she can accept the news of Anupama’s love for Anuj. He keeps the matter to himself. Anupama tells Anuj that she has to tell him something. Anuj gets impatient to hear it. Anupama’s confession gets interrupted by Malvika’s phone call to Anuj. Anuj gets disturbed to see Malvika’s call. Anupama stays with Anuj to look after him. He later speaks to GK about Malvika, who is his biggest responsibility. He tells that Malvika is more important than his friendship and love. Who is Malvika? Keep reading.

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