Best 10 Agriculture Business Ideas in India

The article on the top 10 agricultural business ideas to start in India in 2021, 2022 in this article presents a comprehensive guide on how to start the most profitable farming business in India.

As one of the most large and vast sectors in the world, agriculture consists of a multitude of different activities including forestry, farming, and fishing.  

Today’s society has become more demanding and concerned with the agricultural sector than any other. Over the past few years, there have been hundreds of agriculture businesses that have grown rapidly. I will take you through my list of the top 10 ideas for agriculture business in India in the year 2021 and 2022 during this article.

Among the leading contributors to the global Gross Domestic Product is the agriculture industry. A great deal of the world’s food is produced by farmers, growing crops in developing countries such as India, and providing livelihood to the majority of the population.

What are the steps required to start a profitable agriculture farming in india

Follow the below steps before venturing and investing in any agriculture business idea:

  • Conduct marketing research
  • Create a business plan
  • Make finance arrangement
  • Understand the laws and regulations
  • Acquire necessary licenses
  • Register your business
  • Make final arrangements, buy/lease land or machinery.

Table of Contents

Organic Fertiliser Production

The production of organic fertilisers can be an easy and low investment business venture for a small farmer. As a nutrient-rich organic soil conditioner and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, vermicompost is gaining popularity over chemical fertilisers in recent years. There are a number of water-soluble nutrients in it. If someone has a good knowledge about organic farming and therefore the process of production, such a business can be commenced at home.

Dry Flower Trading

Among the foremost money-making business ideas in the field of agriculture currently, we have the business of dry flowers. As a salesperson at a craft store, you’ll sell flowers that you have grown, especially unique ones, for drying and selling.  

Organic Greenhouse

In recent years, the demand for organically grown products has been increasing steadily, resulting in the success of the organic greenhouse business. Initially, organic farm greenhouses were constructed on small farms, family-run by individuals. In recent years, however, the growing demand for healthy, organic foods has led many of us to invest in land to build greenhouses for organic farming.

Tea Farming

Besides the above mentioned farming business ideas, you can also start a tea farm if you are interested. The tea leaf market in the United States is out of proportion to the world market, so the demand for tea leaves is rising as well. From some developing countries, a large part of their income may come from the cultivation of tea. The ideal climate, such as acidic soils, excessive rainfall and warm temperatures, is required for the cultivation of tea plantations. A high amount of capital is required to operate the business, but the profits are additionally high due to the high capital expenditure.

Fertilizer Distribution Business

People living in small towns and rural areas often have the ability to do this business successfully. You have to decide whether you’re going to buy fertilizers from big cities and then sell them to rural areas when you’re in the fertilizer distribution business.

Become a Florist

There is a good amount of profit to be made from selling flowers. It is never out of style to gift arrangements and bouquets for any occasion, especially when it comes to weddings and other events. Innovating and being creative with a little help from some technology. With this business you will be able to accomplish wonders.

Broom Production

There have been centuries of people using brooms to sweep up the ground and remove dirt and mud that accumulated in the ground and on the ground surrounding their homes and workplaces. Usually, broom projects are started with little capital investment as the method of broom production is quite simple and not complicated at all. It can bring you good profits in a short span of your time if you maintain an honest quality and maintain competitive prices.

Medicinal Herb Farming

In spite of the fact that it is a profitable business idea, it is not the only one. There are companies that manufacture and supply medicines that believe that these farmers are capable of supplying them with herbs. Whenever you invest in herbal cultivation, you will be able to create wealth for yourself and your family as well. Starting out this business will require you to receive a license from the government in order to operate.

Dairy Business

As long as the market for milk and milk products will always be there, this is an agricultural business idea that will make good money even though it requires an honest capital expenditure. Therefore, dairy production is one among the simplest agriculture business ideas in India. It’s important to follow hygiene and quality standards while running this business.


One of the easiest farming businesses you can engage in is farming. There are several products produced by beekeeping, such as honey, wax, and many more. As I mentioned earlier, a vast majority of people are getting health-conscious, which has led to an increase in the demand for honey worldwide. Although the business doesn’t require a lot of capital, it does require monitoring the bees on a daily basis with close attention. You need to undergo training to breed bees.

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