Aggar Tum Na Hote 21st March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Angad tells Manorama that she will lose him if Niyati get to know the truth then. So Niyati has to leave from Abhimanyu’s life. He asks her to separate Abhimanyu and Niyati for his sake. She tells him that she can’t do that. He threatens to kill himself. She asks him to not do that. She agrees to do whatever he wants her to do because she can’t lose him. He thanks her. On the other hand, Ram tells Gajendra that he don’t think that Angad is good guy. Gajendra tells him that Angad is like snake.

Dinakar tells him that the police investigating the case and they can’t do anything than waiting. Amma says that what’s the use of it when their child won’t return now. Meanwhile, Bua and Maasi gets worried that Abhimanyu may end up becoming a mad like earlier. Karan tells them that Niyati crossed all the limits by accusing Angad.

Manorama goes to Abhimanyu. He cries hugging her. He asks her that how can one kill a child. He says that he failed to protect his child. She tells him that it would not have happened if Niyati agreed to cooperate with the police then. She says that they lost their child because of Niyati. She adds that Niyati should have trusted the police. He recalls that how Niyati went against everyone and he leaves the room. She hurts her hand and cries. She says that she did this to save Angad and apologizes to Niyati.

Sulochna tells Niyati that Abhimanyu followed her because Manorama told him to do that. She asks her to keep Abhimanyu away from Manorama. Ram tells Niyati that Manorama betrayed everyone and refused to give money to save the child. Abhimanyu hears everything and scolds them for accusing him and Manorama. He does not let anyone speak. He asks Niyati that how can she remain silent when her parents were accusing him for their child’s death. He says that Niyati also thinks that he and Manorama are responsible for their child’s death that’s why she didn’t stop her parents. She tells him that he misunderstood her.

He tells her that she did wrong by going against him and the police. He says that Niyati is responsible for their child’s death which shocks everyone. Ram is about to say something but Niyati stops him. Abhimanyu says that his daughter would have been alive if Niyati listened to him then.

She tells him that he can’t hear a word against his mother even though she tried to kill him. And how can he accuse her for her child’s death. She says that he did mistake by trusting Manorama and the police over her. She tells him that he failed to become a father to their child. He raises his hand to slap her and stops himself. He throws her out of the house and asks her to not return in his life. Angad smiles seeing everything.

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