Aggar Tum Na Hote 14th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Niyati asks Manorama to give the cheque. Karan says that he talked to his friend who works in the bank so his friend will help them to withdraw this huge amount. Police inspector asks them to understand the situation and not give the ransom money to the kidnapper. Abhimanyu asks Manorama that what she want them to do. Niyati says that Manorama will say to give the ransom money to the kidnappers. Manorama says to Abhimanyu that they should listen Police inspector because he knows about goons and kidnappers more than them.

She says that what if kidnapper harms the child after taking the money. Angad comes there. Niyati says that Angad would have stopped Manorama from giving money. Angad asks her to not misunderstand him. Manorama says that she is ready to give money to save the child but they can’t ignore Police inspector’s suggestion. Niyati asks Abhimanyu to arrange 5 crore to save their child. On the other hand, kidnapper’s sleep gets disturbed hearing the child’s crying voice.

Abhimanyu tells Niyati that Manorama is right which shocks the latter. He asks Police inspector that what they should do to save the child. Later, Niyati goes to Manorama and pleads her to give money to save the child. She says that she knows that Angad stopping Manorama but only she can save the child. Manorama says that they are putting the child’s life at risk by giving the ransom money to the kidnapper. Niyati says to Manorama that Angad manipulating her. Manorama thinks that Niyati is disturbed now that’s why she is misunderstanding Angad.

And if she gave money to Niyati then Angad may think that she don’t trust him and he can leave her. Niyati tells her that Abhimanyu transferred everything on her name even though it was not needed still she chooses Angad over Abhimanyu always. Manorama remains silent. Niyati says that she is a mother so she won’t back off and will arrange 5 crore to save her child and leaves from there.

Police inspector prepares to track the kidnapper’s location. Niyati asks Gajendra to arrange 5 crore. He tries to arrange it but could not. Amma asks Devi and Roop to give their jewels so they can arrange money by selling them. Devi and Roop says that Manorama should give money. Amma scolds them. Abhimanyu asks them to not fight and trust the Police inspector.

Niyati calls Anand and informs him about her child’s kidnap. Anand tells her that he will arrange 5 crore. Niyati’s parents consoles Niyati. Meanwhile, Kidnapper tells Angad that the child is troubling him a lot. Angad looks at the child and says that she has to pay for what her parents did with him.

Abhimanyu learns that Niyati asked Anand to arrange 5 crore. Niyati picks the kidnapper’s call. Kidnapper asks her that why she called the Police. She tells him that hospital management called the Police. He tells her to reach some godown with money. He warns her to not track his location and disconnects the call. Niyati asks the Police to leave and goes upstairs. Police inspector tells Abhimanyu that they could not record anything. Angad thinks that tomorrow everything will change. Abhimanyu asks Niyati about the location kidnapper informed her. She denies to tell him saying that she can’t risk her child’s life

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