Agar Tum Na Hote 4th January 2022 Written Update

Niyati Requests Dadi And Kinkar To Go Inside Because If Abhimanyu Comes Outside And Sees Them Both, It Would Create A Lot Of Problem, Niyati Informs Sulochana That Abhimanyu Is Her Husband So She Cannot Leave His Side, Abhimanyu Hugs His Dadi Informing That He Slept Really Good Last Night And It Has Happened After A Really Long Time, Manaroma Also Comes, He Hugs Her And When Dadi Questions Where Is Kichu, She Explains He Had To Leave Because Of Some Work.

Niyati Comes To Welcome Abhimanyu, He Explains That What Was The Need To Hire Such A Nurse As She Was In His Bedroom In The Night When He Should Be Alone, Niyati Starts Crying, Manaroma Tries To Explains That It Is Her Duty But Abhimanyu Replies What Kind Of A Duty Is This As She Was So Close To Him, He Turning To Her Asks About Her Name, She After Wiping Off The Tears Reveals It Is Niyati, He Replies What Kind Of A Name Is This As He Is Not Even Able To Remember It.

Sulochana Is Standing Beside The Pillar, Aanad Tries To Persuade Her Saying They Would Not Make The Same Mistake Twice And Will Go Back With Niyati, Sulochana Replies She Also Feels The Same When She Hears Abhimanyu Saying That He Gets Irritated After Seeing Her, Manaroma Question What Is This When She Is Taking Care Of Him, He Says No One Can Take Care Of Him Better Then Her, Not Any Girl Who Is An Outsider, He Says He Will Not Leave The House Anymore But She Should Just Send Niyati Away, Sulochana Is Not Able To Bear It So Enters The House, He Promises To Not Run Away From The House But Niyati Should Be Sent Away.
Dadi Asks What He Is Saying As Niyati Would Not Go Anywhere, Abhimanyu Asks If Her Father Has Taken Some Sort Of Loan From His Father.

Abhimanyu Mentions That He Gets Mad Seeing Her, Sulochana From The Back Says That He Is Already Mad, Abhimanyu Questions Why Has She Brought Her Mother Here, He Even Asks Who Is This Man Questioning Why Did He Bring Her Brother, Abhimanyu Says Aanad Is Thinking That He Is A Villain So Abhimanyu Pushes Aanad Asking Kinkar To Not Let Him Stand Again, Manaroma Questions What Is He Doing, He Informs They Do Not Know What Kind Of Benefit This Nurse Would Take Of Him As Such People Donot Have Any Character, Sulochana Is Not Able To Bear This, She In Anger Slaps Him, He In A State Of Confusion Questions What Has Her Daughter Did That He Should Worry Since She Is Just A Nurse And Is Paid, Sulochana Exclaims She Is Not Just A Nurse But Means A Lot More, Sulochana Is About To Reveal The Truth When Niyati Stops Her Exclaiming That She Should Not Say Anything, Manaroma And Kinkar Jee Have Hired Her With Utmost Belief That She Can Take Care Of Him, She Will Not Leave His Side So Sulochana Should Leave, She Tries To Apologize To Abhimanyu However He In Anger Says That This Is The Reason He Ran Away From The House Because He Never Wanted To Give Them The Tension, He Leave When Karan Assures He Is Going To Talk With Him.

Niyati Tries To Leave But Sulochana Stops Her Saying She Kept Quiet Believing That He Would Get Healthy But It Is Enough As Now Niyati Will Come Back With Them, Niyati Explains That Sulochana Knew About The Condition Of Abhimanyu When They Got Married, She Knows He Took The Shocks Because Of Her, Even If He Has Forgotten Her She Still Knows What He Did For Her, She Cannot Leave His Side Just Like That So Will Remain, Aanad Tries To Stop Her, Sulochana Says That He Should Not Try Since She Has Made Her Decision And Would Not Listen To Anyone, She Warns Niyati That In Order To Save This One Relation She Has Burned All Of Her Blood Relations Which Is Not Right, She Asks Aanad To Come.

Dadi Stopping Her Questions What She Is Doing, Sulochana Explains She Has Heard And Seen A Lot, She Doesnot Have The Strength Anymore, She Tries To Stop Sulochana But They Do Not Listen, Kinkar Assures Niyati To Not Worry As They All Are With Her And He Will Talk With Sulochana Bhabhi, He Asks Manaroma To Come With Him.

Kinkar Leaning Against The Car Asks Sulochana To Not Go While Being Angry With When, Manaroma Also Requests Her To Not Go After Being Mad, But She Leaves.

Niyati Is Sitting In The House With Manaroma Who Advises Them To Call Karan Asking If Found Abhimanyu, Karan Walks Inside The House, Niyati Questions Where He Is, Karan Explains That He Followed Abhimanyu But Lost Him In The Crowd As He Went Somewhere, Niyati Informs That They Have To Find Him As There Can Be Some Other Effects Of Shock, Karan Starts To Worry But Then Agrees With Niyati.
Mami Jee Is With Her Daughter Explaining That She Is Really Tensed After The Arrival Of Niyati Because She Has Married Abhimanyu Just For The Sake Of Money Since Her Father Doesnot Earn A Lot Of Money.

Kinkar’s Wife Is Also Talking With Her Daughter Explaining That She Also Needs To Be With Niyati Just As Karan Is Always By The Side Of His Uncle, He Has Learned The Business So Thinks That He Is The Eldest Of The Family, She Will However Not Let Anything Go So Easily, They Must Try To Befriend Niyati Just As They Did Manaroma.
Mami Jee Also Says That Now They Would Have To Plan To Make Matters Worse Since They Will Now Tease Abhimanyu So That He Would Get A Little Mad, Both Of Them Laugh While Making This Plan And Also Think Of Not Involving Karan.

Abhimanyu Sitting On The Bench Is Thinking About How Sulochana Slapped Him, Niyati Spots Him So Going Asks What Is He Doing Here While Everyone Is Worried For Him In The House, She Requests Him To Come So Touches Him However He In Shock Exclaims She Should Never Try To Touch Him And Be So Casual When Her Mother Just Slapped Her, He Questions When Has She Seen That The Mother Of A Nurse Slaps Her Patient, He Questions What Is Going On Since He Feels They Are Hiding Some Big Truth From Him, He Thinks How Aanad Said That He Doesnot Know The Truth About Niyati, Abhimanyu Questions The Truth Threatening To Not Come Back In Any Other Situation.

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