Agar Tum Na Hote 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Niyati reaches the road, she looks around anxiously after seeing the emptiness of the street, she wonders if she made a mistake by coming here, Niyati starts to walk forward as someone slowly starts towards her to walk with a rod in his hand.

Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to walk slowly, he tells her not to open her eyes before he can show her everything, she is excited after seeing it when he asks how she liked it all because if she likes, would Niyati also like it, Manaroma mentions everything that shows his love in it, she also advises him to get ready, however, he exclaims that he is fine but she insists that he change, Abhimanyu loves to her and explaining that he doesn’t know what would have happened to him had she not been with him, he assures him that he will come as soon as possible.

Niyati walks on the road, she feels like someone is behind her then sees the shadow of a man holding the fishing rod, Niyati manages to duck before he can hit her, she wonders why he is trying to kill her , but the person is just trying to fight her.
Abhimanyu excitedly enters the room thinking he would show Niyati the surprise, he enters the room and calls Niyati but she doesn’t answer his calls, he is left shocked and wondering where she could be.

Niyati starts screaming when the person continues to force her, she starts screaming for help, then is rescued by some guys who manage to chase the person away, Niyati wonders why he is trying to kill her when he is the truth would reveal, she follows him into a compound.

Abhimanyu constantly calls Niyati but she doesn’t respond, he even goes to the main hall and asks Bittoo if he is from the farm but Bittoo says he goes there just when everyone is already gone, he wonders where she has stayed to.
Niyati enters the compound after the man she hears something in the room so peeks through the hole but is really shocked by what she sees in it so she runs away but the person stops her before she can run away, Niyati falls to the ground ask him to let her go, but he doesn’t respond when she turns around. Manaroma stands in front of her, Niyati is shocked after seeing her so he wonders what is going on here, Manaroma orders Govind to go because his work is done and there is no need for him now, Niyati asks ​that she needs the answers about why she killed her, Manaroma replies that she can’t answer all these questions because sometimes the answers are very deep, she pulls Niyati with her to the compound and says she has to inform Niyati about the truth.

Abhimanyu tries to call Niyati but she doesn’t answer and so he tries to wonder why she didn’t come to him even if he prepared such a surprise for her, Kamna brings Niyati’s cellphone saying that she left him in the house and so he won’t be able to reach her, Kamna says he must enjoy Niyati because they all go to the farm. Abhimanyu thinks Niyati has misunderstood her husband so he goes to find her, Abhimanyu checks the private number which worries him so he thinks who might be calling her.

Manaroma takes Niyati into the room, she asks Niyati to get dressed because today is a very important day for her with Abhimanyu. get her killed but now give her these clothes, Niyati thinks as she looked through the hole, Manaroma told Govind Niyati is ruining her plan so she should be thrown out of the way. Niyati wonders about the truth, Manaroma mentions that she is Abhimanyu’s mother and is the reason for his bad mental state, she even wants him to stay that way forever, Niyati can’t even understand a single word that she says, so she wonders what she’s doing. means, Manaroma informs that she could be the mother of Abhimanyu to anyone but is actually like a Bhagwan to him.

Abhimanyu walks down the stairs of the house when he sees Manaroma’s picture frame is about to fall, he manages to avoid falling even if he hurts his own forehead, Abhimanyu stands in front of the Mandir, exclaims that they are is a mother so he can’t let anything bad happen to her.

Niyati mentions that every mother is like a Bhagwan, but what kind of love is this that made her try to get Niyati killed, Manaroma wonders why Niyati creates a big scene of such a small thing since today is a very special day is for her and she needs to get dressed, Manaroma asks her to get dressed when Niyati pulls her hands back and asks what Manaroma desires, she replies she wants her to dress well as today is a very special day for her, so she must look very beautiful, Niyati is still very tense.

Manaroma running away calls Abhimanyu, he asks if she has reached the farm safely when she replies that they have come to the resort and she even brought Niyati, hearing this Abhimanyu stops smiling and wonders why Niyati did not wait for his surprise, meanwhile Niyati is really tense.

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