Agar Tum Na Hote 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Abhiamnyu wonders what comes after four, he can remember she taught him it is five and even thinks what comes after but he is still confused about what comes after six, Niyati asks But she says he won’t jump before going to him, Manaroma explains that it took him a long time to remember this count, he had such a seizure before going to Mumbai, he forgets the count first and then start calling her and it takes him a lot of time but she has to count this backword count from Abhimanyu as her end time, she says he counted to six so Niyati has till he counts to ten to decide if she want to stay and wants to see him jump or leave his life.

Niyati exclaims that she did this on purpose and chose this day, on the one hand she made her son accept Niyati’s love and planted this surprise, but then also revealed a way to find out the truth about his mother, she asks wondering why Manaroma did the whole truth, she informs that she found out the truth the first day she met her, because she had Abhimanyu under control, she tried her best to keep the truth hidden from her, but even then succeeded she managed to go with Abhimanyu because she insisted she paid back the debt of her past, refused to accept Manaroma’s warnings and entered this house after performing the Gouna. remembers that Shugun warned her about an enemy who lives in their house, Niyati wonders if she was the enemy trying to hurt her own son, they are shocked to learn that Abhimanyu has counted to eight, Manaroma inquires Niyati that he does not have much Time, since she does not want to hurt her son and does not even want him to have her own life, if she had wanted to harm him, she could have done it in twenty-six years and even in the future.

Niyati still asks her why, but Manaroma says she has to accept that she is going to leave him and that she will save him. Niyati looks shocked at Manaroma but meanwhile Abhimanyu reaches to nine o’clock, Manaroma asks Niyati what comes after nine o’clock, Abhimanyu is still counting thinking, asks Niyati to hold her hand and asks Manaroma for not separating them both because she left everything behind and came to their house. will beg her and all she has to do is promise Manaroma to leave him it is the only way he will be saved but if she breaks her promise she will do much worse with Abhimanyu asks Manaroma if Niyati will cry over the dead body of her husband Niyati crying asks her not to do this.

Abhimanyu manages to count to ten but even then his mother has not come, Niyati accepts that she is going to leave him but Manaroma has to save Abhimanyu, she immediately runs to him when he exclaims that she has not come, so he is going to jump, he even says goodbye but Manaroma calls him and they both hug each other, Abhimanyu wonders where she was when he called her but she didn’t come, Manaroma assures she came but if he threatens to jump she will first his give her life he explains that she is the best mother in the world because she protected him when his father scolded if he did not finish his work but she gave him the chocolate he asks why niyati came like her was inciting him against his mother, but he knows she is the best mother in the world, exclaims Manaroma that she is going to ask her, so says Niyati to bring the medicine, but Abhimanyu refuses but accepts when she threatens to leave, he insists that When she asks Niyati to leave but Manaroma says to bring the medicine, Abhimanyu acting as the child once again exclaims that his mother is the best mother in the world and takes care of him.

Niyati rushes to the room with the medicine, but when she’s upstairs, he again urges them to send her away. Manaroma assures that she will leave after he takes the medicine. Manaroma orders her to bring the water but he drinks it in a hurry when Abhimanyu again asks her to send Niyati away, Manaroma orders Niyati to leave as they don’t need her and she can take care of her son , Manaroma asks if he wants to sleep on her lap, Abhimanyu asks if she is mad at her because the girl said she was the one who drove him crazy how can she do it but he asks her in order not to leave him again, Abhimanyu gets restless hitting Niyati with a lamp that hits her in the head, but Manaroma manages to calm him down and make sure she won’t come back every time. Niyati from the corner thinks that the mother he feels most safe with is actually his enemy. Abhimanyu points to the stars and exclaims if he knows why they have come, and says they have come to put him to sleep, she starts singing a song so that he falls asleep while massaging his head, Niyati is still watching getting to them both from the corner, Manaroma is with her son, but she is tense. Manaroma lays his head on a pillow, goes to Niyati, she says that Manaroma has been the one who took care of Abhimanyu and that he will do it in the future, she exclaims that the remote control of his life is in her hands and that he is just a toy to her, Manaroma exclaims that she saved him tonight, but Niyati must keep her promise to leave before the members arrive, she must not think of doing anything that will prevent her from having enough time to save Abhimanyu, she informs Niyati that if she does anything suspicious, Abhimanyu would pay the price because she wants to see his health deteriorate in his life.

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